Friday, October 17


Had a nite out with my buddies at one of the 'in-places' these days. - the "cheong-k" spots.

Filled with food and of course a busload of ah beng's and la-la taiwan actress wannabe girls, the reception area was decorated with a horrendous looking 'halloween themed' zombies with a bible placed on top of those yin-yang design deco paper. *lame*. I mean..come on, since when the bible has got anything to do with halloween!??

It was so long ago that I last patronized these places that little did I know these joints no longer charge by the hours but per entry which includes a buffet meal so that you have the energy to burp sing to your heart's content all night long;
Which interestingly I did and it went on for like 5 hours! I'm like Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Westlife, Sean Kingston, Boyz II Men, David Tao, Jay Chou and everything in between all in one nite!

Oh yeah, and how could we not forget the LAMEST thing that happened during our singing session when a "vampire-looking" figurine just barged into the room and give a loud RrrRRAWWWWW* which failed to interrupt us and began asking for the talisman (fu).. u know... that yellow piece of paper used to stick onto the vampires forehead? Weird rite? Vampire asking for talisman. *lol

Had some good fun and now looking forward to the weekend for another round of David's life-changing-destiny shaping messages at City Harvest KL.

Maybe I should invite the vampire to try church instead.

Monday, October 13

Dance My Love at CHCKL

After being away for a weekend, I'm back! and gosh I miss church so much and was totally looking forward for the weekend for this highly anticipated dance musical production - Dance, My Love.

Said to be the biggest & best production yet, it tells of the story of how 2 people from different cultures & background come together for one passion - Dance.

Not gonna elaborate more bout the very interesting storyline coz most of u have already seen it over the weekend or at least once over the 4 sessions.

The casts were all super fabulous. From the grand intro of "City Harvest" ala 20th Century Fox all the way through the relevant storyline, Dance, My Love is a MUST WATCH.

Get it on DVD only from Attributes bookstores.

*oops..sounds like a commercial*

Thursday, October 9

My Birthday Getaway To Penang - Day 3

It's the last day of my getaway and the weather has been really beautiful despite the reported landslides and heavy rain just days before we arrive.

Felt so blessed with such fine weather, good fun and of course not forgetting the glorious food!

View from my room. The sea & skies are clear with no signs of tsunami

Intended to go for a swim in the pool and show off my bones but it was kinda crowded, so decided to walk to the beach instead.

Soft & white sands awaits! I went straight into the sea while leaving the cam to do its stuff.

Like the 'bubbles'?.. made it out of seashells & of course my pair of Crocs being abdandoned while I go barefooted into the sea.

Lotsa lovely looking seashells were found on the beach

Checked out from hotel and left for brunch at Pulau Tikus area which I was told serve some delicious food as well.

Heck, the whole of Penang serves good food!

Claypot chicken rice with eggs + chinese sausages. *drools*

Here's the famous Ghee Hiang 'heong peng' shop in Penang which sadly has ran out of stock by the time we reach due to the high demand during the few days break.

Sharing is caring...come on..just one bite!

Just before getting out of Penang island, we visited Fort Cornwallis; the historical site where it all began.

Ok..I dont do fishing; Just borrowed the fishing rod from an uncle to camwhore..*lol

Fort Cornwallis, the spot where Captain Francis Light landed in 1786 was named after Charles Marquis Cornwallis, a distinguished Governor General of India, and designed as a defense against the French, Kedah, and pirates.

Some history lesson for all:

Fort Cornwallis was one of the first European structures in Penang. After Captain Francis Light officially took possession of the island on August 11th 1786, development of Penang began from this point.

Captain Sir Francis Light; Founder of the British Colony of Penang & Georgetown in 1786

With the many used-to-be prison cells converted into exhibition rooms, much history were revealed in here. Artifacts, family trees and even the bolts and nuts used for construction of this fort were on display in these cells turned gallery.

Here's one exhibit that caught my attention while we were seeking refuge from the hot sun in the air-conditioned cells.

Colonel William Light; Founder of Adelaide in Australia.

Born in Kuala Kedah, grew up in Penang and was sent to England for studies.

Col. William Light; This potrait was presented to the museum of Penang by the nice people of Adelaide.

pssst... William is the illegitimate son of Capt. Francis Light *hehe

Walking around the interesting fort, we found an underground hideout.....

An underground armour room where bombs and gunpowders were kept

Took us slightly more than an hour to tour around the fort before we finally left and queued for ferry to get back to Butterworth.

Sailing boats docking at the jetty area just beside the ferry terminal

Saying our goodbyes to Penang we left at about 5pm..........

Ferry ride back to Butterworth once again. Lovin' it!

.......only to be stuck in a massive crawl on the expressway for 6.5 hrs before we could reach Ipoh!

They were no accidents but rather the extremely heavy traffic on the expressway due to the long holidays.

And so we finally got to Ipoh around midnite, satisfied our glutton needs and zoomed back to Seremban in a short & exciting 2.5 hrs drive.

Tearing down the highways at 200km/h

It was a worthwhile & memorable trip surrounded with good food & great company.

Penang, u've made me a glutton!

My Birthday Getaway To Penang - Day 2

Our resolution to watch sunrise from Penang Hill at 6:30 am proved to have failed...*lol partly due to our wine session to celebrate my birthday at midnite.

Anyway, we woke up at 10 a.m and drove out to town to have brunch at Jalan Anson after driving aimlessly going round the town not admitting we're lost where it is known to serve one of the best tasting dim sum in town.

Dim sum for me please.....NO chicken backside

Ate so much of the delicious dim sum and egg tarts that I became so full it felt like I just had a 10 course meal!

The short drizzle was a blessing as it took away some heat just before our excursion up Penang Hill.

It's ancient but it still works!

Splended view of Georgetown from the hilltop. Penang Bridge is on the right side.

Pop by at Kek Lok Si Temple; Another tourist attraction in the island located just nearby Penang Hill.

That's my Rooster zodiac according to the Chinese calendar. *pinch pinch*

Georgetown is so diverse in it's heritage that it boasts of Chinese, Indian, Malay and also European cultures in it's building structures.

We went around town and checked out some Siamese temples hidden somewhere in the corner of town.

Majestic looking Siamese temple

Just right opposite the road is the famous Reclining Buddha statue.

My legs are so tired after all the walking I could probably recline in the same manner on the drivers' seat, i tell u...

Read from the tourist guide that it's toe nails are made out of seashells

Candles that lights up the altar

Later at night, I met up with my much talked about genius cousin & the family for the very first time; on our birthday!

Seng Chee & I

the Penangites; my aunt (in green) and the rest of Uncle Teh's sis, mom & nephew+niece

Visited my aunt at her house in Bayan Lepas area after dinner and catch up a bit before we head back to town.

KFC outlet in a Colonial style building

Then, went to meet some friends in a corner street in town where the lights are brighter and the music is louder... YES! it's where nightlife comes alive!

Clubs & nightlife in Georgetown; Check out Momo & Slippery Senoritas

No clubbing for me.. just hang out awhile with friends and then took a drive to Batu Ferringhi area before calling it a day.

Wednesday, October 8

My Birthday Getaway To Penang - Day 1

Packed my bags and left for Penang - the food haven for a 3 day getaway!

Besides the glorious food, one of the reasons I love going to Penang is coz of the unique ferry ride across from Butterworth to Georgetown. Nowhere else in this country u'd get this rite?

I was so excited from the moment we queued to get into the ferry till we disembarked. The sea breeze was refreshing and err...sticky!

Awaiting to dock at the "Pearl Of The Orient" - Penang

Checked into the hotel for a quick shower before quickly made our way out to where the all the buzz is: Gurney Drive!

It's also the place where I found the G-Spot... *kekeke.. at a very zen hotel along Gurney Drive called the g-Hotel. Should've stayed here instead! Darn!

presenting....the G-Spot!

The zen interior of g-hotel's lobby

Well, we then made our way to the oh-so-famous hawker centre only to be greeted by a whole load of crowd!

Packed like crazy! It was even near impossible to squeeze myself in there. The smell of food is so very tempting, it's luring people from all directions.

Hawkers at Gurney Drive boasts a wide variety of food that satisfies most gluttons

So we walked out from the overcrowded place to take some pix before storming in 20 minutes later.

Yups...this is Gurney Drive at night and that's the face of someone who drove 5 hrs to Penang.

Now, go ahead and drool people!! Just one of the stalls tht I managed to take a pix. This stall is said to sell the most delicious seafood goreng stuff.

Feast yourselves people!

After feasting on many different variety of delicacies, we finally gave up. The char kuey teow with 6 HUGE prawns, fried stuff, desserts, rojak & others proved to be too much for our stomach in 2 hours. Was so busy eating till completely ignored the chance of taking pictures of the food.

Took a drive around Georgetown after dinner to look see-look see the town before heading back to our hotel to get some rest and recharge for the next day.

A brightly-lit street in Georgetown with uniquely painted color-combi shophouses

Good night Georgetown, will conquer u the next day!

Tuesday, October 7

Raya in Melaka

It was the first day of the Raya holidays when we decided to take a drive down to Melaka for some jalan-jalan and also coz Angie from Australia came back for a visit.

The usual short drive turned out to be a really long one coz the town was PACKED...and I mean REALLY PACKED with tourist from all over. Took us like 1.5 hrs from Ayer Keroh toll to the Stadthuys.

Anyway, we ended up at a unique lil shop just beside Jonker Street. that sells some really yummylicious tarts and ice-cendol. *drools*.

A must try for tart lovers! The place is called.. the Tart-Tart Shop. *weird...i know..*

Gotta be one of the most heavenly-tasting 'ice-cendol' around...

Various types of delicious tarts; here's Orange, Kiwi, Durian and the traditional flavored tart.

Fancy signages in 'The Orang Utan Shop'. No pix are allowed..but..what da a tourist.. =p

Walking further into Jonker Street, I find myself indulged into the classic building structures, the things on display and the community admist the busy surroundings. Even this pix I took looked as though its something taken out from the 60's.

Melaka in the 60's

Then I stumbled upon this on display outside a shop.

A unique collection of glass bottles for soft drinks in the old times.

Back to reality, the Chicken Rice served in this shop has gotta be real good as the crowd just came non-stop the whole time I was there.

*pose pose...gotta collect royalty fees from them already

It's so packed that we didnt even go take pix at Stadthuys or those famous tourist spots. Even stopping halfway to take a pix of the Melaka River Cruise was near impossible with the amount of people on the streets that day.

a stinky sight of the Melaka River & the river cruise

After all the walking, we headed over Dataran Pahlawan Mall for Starbucks to kill time while waiting for other friends to join us at Mc Quek for Satay Celup.

The fresh seafood and vege there just makes one's stomach go growling......Of course I was already drooling the time I dip the meat and other stuff into the very rich & boiling peanut paste...Oooo...the sensation!

All this happened even before the juicy food was in my mouth.

Drooling now?..

If not, await the upcoming post on my 3 day getaway to food-haven Penang!