Wednesday, May 12

My New Gear - Yamaha MM6 Synthesizer

Having to lug around my 20kg synth for a few years, it's high time I got myself a much lighter but just as powerful machine.

In my shopping list was the Korg and Roland series of synth but not till I found this

 Yamaha MM6

At first glance, the MM6 is stealthy looking and incredibly light which is great for gigs or to lug around for jamming.

Dubbed as the Mini-Motif ...the baby is packed with loads of power to spice up every music with sounds derived from the Motif workstation pro-series keyboards. Just like my current Motif, there were lots of big beefy synths, and lush sweeping pads.

What I like most is that it gives me the ability to control the sounds in real time via the cutoff, resonance, attack, release knobs.

With over 200 DSP programs in its effects processor . All of it's 25 reverb, 30 chorus, and 189 other effects programs such as halls, rooms, plates, EQ's, delays, echos, flangers can be applied and individually adjusted for the main, dual, and split voices.

Being powered by the Motif engine, one would have no doubts over its piano, organs as well as other acoustic instruments samples as they sounded just as great!

The acoustic guitars for one, were very expressive; the harder you hit a key, the guitars got brighter and seemed almost like it went from being plucked by a finger to plucked by a fingernail.

Also included with the package is the full-featured Cubase LE software for detailed sound editing and recording all via USB.

To summarize it all up, the Yamaha MM6 is a keyboard that falls in between a professional synth and with the ease of use of a preset machine.

Check out the demo by Bert Smorenburg :

Catch it LIVE in action on my next gig!