Thursday, January 31


There will be no posting this week due to the sudden demise of a close family member this morning.

Friday, January 25

Just Fooling Around

Made a short overnite trip to Genting and it was really cold the nite I got there, so didnt really get to camwhore ....but... it got so bored the 2nd day that I went to poke some fun at...well..some ancient Chinese figures.....

or was it ME that got poked?
 caught on camera trying to 'steal' some foodstuff...!#$$%^

Tis guy here is reading out my punishment....*lets take a peek*

Here's a rocker (check out the hand sign) that freed me from the 'punishment' ..but there's a catch. He's requesting for one last mischief.. *hmmm..

HA! got caught on cam again!

Mission accomplished! U're da' man!

Ok..the peeps here are shutting me off already!....darn!..

*they say yawns are infectious.....hmm..

Till next time.... Adios!

Looking for a SOLE mate?

This signage just left me speechless and went round the block another time just to shoot this pix.

One would just need to call the number displayed, and u'd be well-greeted by a soul (sole)...


Monday, January 21

Morib Beach

Pantai Morib; Located just 15 minutes from Banting, this spot hosts one of the last few quaint beaches around in the Central part of this country.

Once you arrive, the clean, sparkling-white sand greets you alongwith the warm breeze from the Straits of Malacca. Tall swaying pine tree shades the surroundings giving visitors a sense of serenity which is truly the 'edge' for this beach.

Simple and old school stalls line up the seaside selling various drinks and snacks and of course the crowd that frequents here consists of mostly families, spending quality time with each other.

A nice and quiet place to see the ocean coz it's less popular and commercialized. Those looking for hot bikini babes will be disappointed and of course its a far cry from any scenes in Baywatch.

Monday, January 14

Pack the Floor for 24 -Post Event

Pack the Floor for 24; The most anticipated event since the last 8 months has finally ended and boy did it end with a blast!

To sum it all up, it was not only well-planned, but an extremely organized event in every aspect that gained praises from all the invited guests and celebrities. This event did not just set a record for a 24 hour dance marathon, but for my personal record as well for stayin' up 24 hours, defying the physical & mental fatigue and being on the mixing console with my 'sifu' - Uncle Remy; whose co. - Hivolt sponsored the sound & lighting sys for this event.

To all the working committees especially my bro -
Leonard, the amazing assistants -Cecilia & Angel; u all were just simply fantastic in running the whole show! Not forgetting the fabulous performers & celebrities that gave their best despite this being a charity event. and yeah, even our celebrity blogger - KennySia did some dance moves on stage! Magician David Lai put up a great show as well.

What's amazing is that this event was somewhat an avenue for celebrities and other people in the industry to mingle and brought forth further collaboration in future projects.

In short, an awesome event in which the amount collected for the 2 beneficiaries far exceeded the initial target figure.

Here's a video of the Grand Prize Winner for the Sony Walkman Dance Competiton.

Check out the performance by - Pack Force, the team that won a thousand bucks!

Lots of pix will be made available for download soon!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 8

Pack The Floor for 24 - Teaser Video

With less than 4 days away, make sure u get yourself into the most happenin' charity event tis Saturday nite.
Music, Dance performances, Celebrities & Freebies in this 24 hour event.

Check out the details at
Pack The Floor for 24.

Here's a teaser video on the event.

Wednesday, January 2

Malaysia Boleh on Road Tax Sticker

We Malaysians are just so darn creative when it comes to doing stupid things.
The pix below caught my attention when I was in Klang on New Year's Day.

Look what we've got here... a road tax supposedly to be pasted on the windscreen is found in a corner of the driver's window !

What's next?

Plate number mounted on the doors?

Another classic example of 'Malaysia Boleh'.