Monday, January 21

Morib Beach

Pantai Morib; Located just 15 minutes from Banting, this spot hosts one of the last few quaint beaches around in the Central part of this country.

Once you arrive, the clean, sparkling-white sand greets you alongwith the warm breeze from the Straits of Malacca. Tall swaying pine tree shades the surroundings giving visitors a sense of serenity which is truly the 'edge' for this beach.

Simple and old school stalls line up the seaside selling various drinks and snacks and of course the crowd that frequents here consists of mostly families, spending quality time with each other.

A nice and quiet place to see the ocean coz it's less popular and commercialized. Those looking for hot bikini babes will be disappointed and of course its a far cry from any scenes in Baywatch.

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