Sunday, September 5

An Honest Mistake at Baybeats 2010

The band's first international gig brings us to Singapore

This time around we are honored to be invited to perform at the Baybeats 2010 Music Festival; An annual event featuring the best indie alternative bands from around the region.

Quite some spectacular fireworks to welcome us....
well almost. =p

Here we are...

Performing 6 songs from the debut album and 2 new tunes

Doubling it up on Yamaha MM6 & XS7 synths

To those who missed catching us in Singapore, here's some highlights of our journey.



We were of course, very grateful to friends who came all the way to support us, not forgetting our videographers from theUPfilms who did a great job in putting it all up on video.

Meanwhile, do also check out An Honest Mistake's Channel on YouTube

Till next time...