Thursday, August 30

Namewee's Back

All ye' cybernuts out there would have known tis guy by now for his infamous rap `bout Muar and also the big hit (bigger than local bands) Negarakuku tune that got nationwide attention due to its VERY factual lyrics.

Well, he has already apologized to those "parties" that got offended (Malays-la,who else)..and now Namewee (his web ID) is back with a vengeance.

Check it out:
(no subtitles tis time ...duwan those "sensitive" people to understand ma..)

Tuesday, August 28


Following suit to the largest youth gathering at EMERGE Singapore last June, the much awaited EMERGE 2007 Conference is back in KL once again!

Held at Sheraton Subang from tomorrow till Friday at 7:30pm nightly, this year's conference promises more fun & challenges to the clusters of CHC KL and an empowering message by Ps.Kong Hee.

Come and be part of the action as youths from all over gather for a season of impartation and inspiration. Be part of this conference and receive a fresh revelation from the Lord.

See you there!

Merdeka Week

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia

This is definitely gonna be a Merdeka that I wont forget coz I'll be going through this: saw it RIGHT.. the 'not-so-friendly' visit to the dentist to get my "senget-ed" wisdom tooth removed. - by SURGERY. cutting open the gum..saw the darn tooth into 3 pcs before extracting it out one-by-one! ...*ouch*...describing it alone sends chills down my spine..

Hope that the dentist wont force open my mouth till like that.

Saturday, August 25

Movies Week

Been spending EVERY nite out in the cinema last week...and it's been really interesting.

Movies that I've watched:

An interesting teen flick that's quite entertaining as it started off with a troubled teen that has been "home-jailed" for hitting his tutor. Staying home and unable to go past the perimeter of his house, Kale decides to venture into voyeurism instead. Cute new neighbour, a crazy buddy and a serial killer living next door.. go figure...

Disney & Pixar never fails to make a rodent looks adorable. In this case, its a rat!. and a rat that can COOK ! Very adorable 2 hour animation that brings u into the world of the rodents with human contact. Very entertaining.

Jay Chou's first attempt in directing a movie has really paid off in this romance drama. The movie starts off with Jay enrolling himself in a pretigious music/creative arts school and before you know it, the scenes has already drawn you into the fantasy world. Remember, this 'Secret' is not to be told to anyone who's yet to watch this movie. Intriguing storyline & fabulous soundtrack.

Highly recommended. Very "lummmm".....

And finally, a terribly and i really mean TERRIBLE watered down version of the Fast & Furious sequel. Lame story line and jokes. Same few cars, same streets (track). VERY fake CGI ! As in every "car racing" movie, there's a chick..and the one in this is definitely NOT worth a second look..

Just lousy! Waste of time and money to watch this one. Can't believe I'm being entertained by 90mins of lame dialogue lines...*pukes* .

Now that's what i call a "productive week".

Wednesday, August 15


This post is requested by none other than my best buddy..Alvin Lai.

I'm supposed to post up some pix of our past adventures, annual trips and any of those sorts.. So to celebrate his return and quitting his job in Vietnam, here are some flashbacks from last few years..

Annual CNY outing to Fraser's Hill in 2003
L-R : Me, Meng Kean & Alvin

The legendary car that took us from skipping classes in Form 5 (1998) to skipping college (1999-2002) ..till now. Alvin's ride went through 3 times of color change in the last 9 years. Its a legend not coz its gonna be classified as antique in 5 more years but coz of its bullet-proof engine that withstand our years of torture and not forgetting the occasional saturday nite "races" in town.

Our annual CNY trip to Genting in 2004

Most of you wouldnt have known me when I was driving this lil' car 4years ago; the now extinct Proton Tiara. Had quite some good fun with it for `bout a year and a half before I got rid of it after it died on me when i was in Bangsar and also coz some lorry hit me from the back.

Genting in October 2006.

Wish we had digicams and camera phones back then in school to capture even more. Well, now that you're back, let the good times roll through our
10 years of friendship!..

Tuesday, August 14

KL -August 11th

Was in town to meet up with Michel who's down in kay-el for`bout a week alongside her sidekick Ms.Pearl Milk Tea Sucker Champ -Andrea... (named her that coz I was defeated by her in gettin all the "pearls" outta the cup of milk tea)...oh well.. anyway..

we were all Mid-Valley's McD meeting & catching up my long-lost son..the ever so famous... -Jon Chu alongside Miki and Kay Jin for an hour or so before goin round shopping. Too bad my bad son deleted a pix of himself feeding me fries!! *Father & Son bonding it seems...haha!

As you can see, I'm with 2 "professional" shoppers which is busy picking and choosing their stuff...which are on 50% discount!

Then we spotted some kids just staying glued in front of a video store screening some cartoons(which is a very rare sight if you handle kids a lot..) and looking so adorable.
Later in the evening, we managed to pop by CanaanLand for some stuff before making a visit to City Harvest Church in Sunway for their weekend service with a renowned pastor from New Zealand -Ps.Mike Connell.

The service that evening was truly an awesome one not only coz of the whole idea of visiting a church which is known for its settings but an awesome presence of God in using Ps.Mike to heal & deliver people from whatever that their suffering both physical and spiritual.

I've learned that leaving the whole outing itinerary to Him is always the best as goin' round town with the unpredictable traffic is just impossible to plan anything at all..., and so I finally found myself ended up in Kepong (all the way from USJ) having dinner at Korean Restaurant with a whole bunch of PK's! How honorable is that!!? a blogger's blog isnt gonna be complete without at least one pix on food... so here it is.. some Korean Beef Rice with all the kimchi, side dishes as well a really fresh glass of Kiwi juice to bring a close to a great day.

Tuesday, August 7

Proton's Pride & Joy

After all the advertisement hype and teasers, not forgetting the countless spy pix and info's from paultan's site.....the new pride & joy of Proton (rumoured to be Proton Persona) has finally been SPOTTED !

Priced between the range of $45-55k price bracket, lets hope this model wouldnt be another flop for this dying company.

Equipped with the Campro 1.6L engine developed in collaboration with Proton & Lotus, the auto transmission for this model comes with a new TCU (Transmission Control Unit) which provides a better shifting pattern compared to its predecessors. It is still unsure if this new model will come with the much talked about CPS (the variable valve thingy) though.

Well, at least its reassuring to know that the top-of-the-range model (High Line) comes with dual airbags, ABS, wateva other gizmo's and of course....*taddaaa* -Remote Trunk Release on the alarm control module with your car keys. Its about time Proton throws in these lil' extra's..

According to some Proton insiders, this model has a higher headroom for the rear passengers, larger boot space (bigger than that of the Waja's), and other tiny details like the change of the interior color scheme, redesigned handbrake lever (the famous samurai sword on the Gen2), relocated power window switches to the doors, extra cupholders and completely foldable rear seats. (more family oriented model)

For more info and the see-it-to-believe experience, guess we've gotta wait till 15th August for the launch, OR alternatively, you could always go to paultan's site where all the latest scoops are.

Thursday, August 2

Fast & Furious -KL Drift

now this is something to be proud of..
(at least the movie trailer looks promising)..

Our boleh-land's very own version of the Fast & Furious...
Tis' one's called: IMPAK MAKSIMA.

Check it out! Coming to cinemas soon.

The Simpsons Movie

just got back from watching my all time favorite as well America's most loved dysfunctional family on the silver screen !

Man! its funny ...havent even got the chance to warm my seat and there's already Green Day playin' on top of the scene from Titanic..(you've gotta watch tis one) .. While Homer is at his usual "care-less" attitude, he has made it a lot worse this time by causing the whole of Springfield to be sorta "quarantined"... and its his last chance to turn things around for the town and his family.

Check out the high ratings and reviews on this humor packed TV favorite. Guaranteed to keep u in stiches at least for slightly over an hour.

Here's the movie trailer: