Tuesday, July 29

EMERGE Go-Kart Competition

Updates 16 Aug 08: Read up on race day here
After my vanquished stint in the EMERGE Talentime competition, I'm now moving on to the next competition among the long list of 71; the Go Kart Competition.

Motor-heads & speed freaks are expected to drive like Schumacher on August 16th at Sunway Extreme Park. Knowing these bunch of overachiever teens, i'd better be racing with them in this:

*muahahaha....a super-fast force-induction Go-Kart!!

Sunday, July 27

NUMINOUS - EMERGE Talentime Preliminary Weekend [V.U. Cluster]

The day that my band NUMINOUS and I have been waiting for is finally here!

Registered ourselves and was initially the 117th participant but sweet & bubbly; mummy-to-be Juli Joe has pushed us way forward to the 20th instead.

Lugged my 18kg MOTIF synthesizer to the hall and setup like lightning speed when it got to our turn; The intro bits featuring some trance/dance elements sure did wonders in kicking things off and the rest of it went well but due to time constraints, we didnt get to do my keyz solo part & the climax of the song...but anyway..it was all good =)

In short, all the participants and also the 6 bands that performed today were superb and at some point entertaining. It's now up to the judges decision to determine who will make it to the finals.

*keeps fingers and toes crossed that we will make it to the finals*

Friday, July 25

So You Think [CC] Can Dance? -Grand Finals-

Cecilia [CC] has made it to the FINALS! How cool is that?

It was just months ago when we were in a team for Pack the Floor for 24 Dance Marathon...and now she's already a star!

Support Cecilia - CC by texting VOTE [space] 2 and send it to 33399. Voting lines are open till Friday (1st Aug).

By the way, Cecilia also has a group in Facebook for all her fans.

CC & Hong danced their way into the Grand Finals

Here's your Top-4 Contestants: (L-R: Sim, Black, CC & Hong)

Remember...it's CC that you are supporting! *wink*

See you all at the grand finals in RUUMS, KL on Friday, Aug 1st at 8:30pm. [Free passes available if u PM me soon enuff]

Thursday, July 24

City Harvest Church KL - 7th Anniversary Celebration

It was a splendid weekend over at City Harvest Church as we celebrated its 7th Anniversary.

Flipping through some picture snippets from the crafty notebook that was generously given out to attendees through the weekend services, one could 'see' & be part of the journey from when the church was first established in 2001 to how it got to where it is today; A happy congregation filled with creative, dynamic & annointed people of God whose out there in the marketplace impacting lives.

Looking forward to many more fruitful years ahead as we run with the vision of City Harvest together!

Check out the awesome video of the newly-formed orchestra of CHC:

*video is courtesy of Abel Teh.

Monday, July 21

NUMINOUS - Journey to EMERGE KL 2008

Representing V.U. Cluster, NUMINOUS is back in this year's EMERGE KL Talentime Competition.

Having jammed only for slightly over an hour a day before, we've managed to sail through the
preliminary round held in CHCKL over the weekend thanks to all the support & cheers from fellow members. [mind the goreng-ness of it]

Do come and show your support for V.U. Cluster this Saturday from 10 a.m till 3 p.m as we rock it out with the other clusters at the same venue this weekend.

Tuesday, July 15

My 111-th Post in Blogspot

It's such a coincidence that I've finally posted the 111-th blog entry after 1 year, 1 month, & 11 days.

Wish to thank all who frequently checks out my blog and what better way to commemorate my 111-th post in blogspot than to change the color scheme in here from the soothing greenish-white to a more dynamic-looking black-orange theme.

More updates comin' up from livin' a life of breakthrough...After The Silence.

EMERGE Talentime V.U Cluster Preliminary Round

It's finally here! This coming Saturday nite... 9pm at CHC; The first preliminary round for the EMERGE Talentime -Band/Vocals Category.

Practice....practice...gotta get those lazy fingers movin' once again.

Signing off,
My Motif & I.

*click on pix for more info on EMERGE KL 2008

Monday, July 14

Ale's Farewell

It was Aletheia's farewell gathering in PD last weekend.

Though it was kinda suprising that Ale -the violin prodigy dropped me an invitation, glad I was able to make it and catcha up a lil before she leaves for Perth on Tuesday.

We'll miss ya Aletheia!

Saturday, July 12

Proton Gen 2 Acceleration & Top Speed Test Run

Casey (the owner of the car) suggested to go for a test run on a late Friday nite after some exhaust modification & a K&N drop in air filter that was done on his Campro powered Gen 2 which IMHO was rather fast for a standard 1.6 litre engine.

This test run is for his personal record of the car's acceleration & top speed and is not intended for any other purposes.

Disclaimer: This test was done in a controlled environment and I do not condone to illegal racing/dangerous driving on public roads.

Drive Safe!

Thursday, July 10

We Were The Reason by Canning Garden Baptist Church

Though it's still a long way more till Easter, here's something worth checkin' out.

Put together by the vibrant youths of Canning Garden Baptist Church, Ipoh.
*two thumbs up* to whoever's idea it may be.


Friday, July 4

Melaka - Menara Taming Sari Revolving Tower & Dataran Pahlawan Mall

It has been quite awhile since I last visited this historic town of Melaka located just a mere 45 mins drive from Seremban.

Amongst the new attraction found in Melaka today is the 110 metre high Menara Taming Sari Melaka a.k.a. the Melaka city observation deck that is something similar to the KL Tower.

Located in Bandar Hilir just slightly before Mahkota Parade, beside Dataran Pahlawan mall and close to the Stadthuys (Red) building, this RM 24-million piece of Swiss engineering has a capacity of transporting up to 240 visitors an hour.

Seats approximately 80 pax at once, the comfy air-conditioned cabin lifts visitors up in a jiff giving u a 7 minute, 360 degree view of Melaka town and the Straits of Melaka on it's revolving platform.

Locals (with MyKad) gets 50% off the published rates, and the same applies to senior citizens.


Other attraction remained quite the same since the invasion days I last came 2 years ago , but what caught my eye was this new mall named Dataran Pahlawan right opposite of Mahkota Parade.

It's built on the actual battle ground of the war-time days which was then turned into a field in front of the A'famosa fort.

Anyway, it is now the latest mall in town featuring tenants like MNG, AX just to name a few and hosts a 10-screen cineplex by GSC. There's also an interesting "time-capsule" corner where they have a fountain and wall sculptures depiciting our multi-cultural land.

Definitely a breath of fresh air for local folks.

Wednesday, July 2

Campro Exhaust System Mods

I know its no biggie to mention about my Campro exhaust modification done on a puny lil' engine like this but anyone who drives a Proton powered by this 110bhp Campro engine especially an auto transmission one would have their sad tales to relate on the torque-dip issue in the most crucial RPM range that affects the driving pleasure & dynamics on a so-called Lotus handling car.
Well, if you have lost hope in getting rid of its 'lazy' nature, fret not coz it's not what it may seemed to be after all.

Although I've promised myself I'd never mod the car, the 'mod itch bug' had bitten me again and to back me up on this, someone once said that:
"Guys and their cars are just like girls to fashion. It just never ends".

So... after a list of electronic gizmo's I've installed in which I hate to be reminded due to the cost ($$$), this is the first step I took in upgrading it's performance.

Here it goes:

4-2-1 extractor (includes removal of the Catalytic Converter) ~ my apologies to Mother Nature.

2 mid boxes for back pressure retention & noise suppression

Twin-tip (ala CPS) S-flow Muffler (stainless steel body & wire mesh in the chambers instead of the short lifespan fibreglass material)

Getting rid of the restrictive OEM muffler

Stock 4-1 exhaust manifold (with o2 sensor attached) being REPLACED with a 4-2-1 extractor.

2 stainless steel mid bullets in place

Job completed; Stainless steel S-flow muffler with twin tip.

Results proved to be fantastic!

Acceleration & engine response has improved tremendously so is the overall power delivery across the RPM range. The usual torque dip region at 2000-3500 RPM is no longer that noticeable.

The century run is now comparable to a Ferrari under 11 seconds with the revs willingly soar to the redline in each gear propelling the heavy Lotus tuned chasis from a standstill to 190kmh effortlessly.

With all this modifications in place, I've also managed to record lower fuel consumption plus a quieter, smoother & a much more responsive engine.

OEM looks and it's really quiet. Only a very low bassy rumble is heard from the outside.

Tempting? Check out the full scoop in my forum post: