Thursday, January 22

An OX-picious year ahead!

Chinese New Year mood is all around as we prepare to welcome the year of the Ox in a few days time

As for me, I've just had the first Yee Sang dish of this year with my colleagues over lunch yesterday.

It was so good, I can't help but to put up an entry about it here.

Juicy Salmon Yee Sang

Don't you just wish you had those in your mouth? *laughs*

Anyway, as new year draws closer with reunion dinner on the eve, am looking forward to seriously light up some of these with my family in PD:

7 foot-long fire crackers

According to ancient history, it's used to scare away evil spirits..bla bla bla.. but in our country it seems to be more of ATTRACTING cops who so-coincidentally happened to be "extra hardworking" doing their rounds at the stroke of midnite.

Hope it wouldn't attract the whole local police station when lighting up fire crackers of this magnitude.

So, it's Xin Nien Kuai Le, Wan Shi Ru Ee, Xin Xiang Shi Cheng to EVERYONE !!!

Wish you all an abundance in your angpow collection during this new year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Proton MPV Spyshots - The Final Product

Here's the latest spyshots of the Proton MPV which is highly anticipated by Malaysians this season and due for release in the coming months.

A slight 'Grandis' look-alike

Red-instrument panels. Not-so appealing fonts

Arent' sure bout the quality of the dashboard plastics but its' design looks like one of those cheap Korean makes.

Interestingly, the steering wheel somehow looks like it's copied from the Civic but check out the 'PHONE' icon on the left.
A Bluetooth-enabled headunit perhaps?

One question remains, WHICH ENGINE will be used to power up this 7 seater?
Anyone with spyshots of the engine bay?

Tuesday, January 20

MagicGlare Detailing - Updated

Here's an update of the detailing job done on my car.

It has been nine months since I sent my ride to MagicGlare for their 'works'

Read about my First Experience at MagicGlare (April, 2008)

After a minor 'bump' on my car, which was a 4 car pile-up, I've brought it in again for touch-up's over the weekend.

And here's the outcome:

Deep & glossy paint surface

Hood looking all shiny...... Airbrush? NO!

Check out the mirror-like surface

Neither wax, silicone, resin, polymers, acrylic, nor Teflon were treated on the paint but an active ingredient in the formulation called Glassplexin which allows GLARE to bond to automobile paint and transforms it into a 50/50 glass/paint composition capable of filtering over 98% of the Sun's UVA/UVB rays.

Deep, glossy and intense wet-look surface thanks to the Glassplexin ingredient found in the GLARE range of products.

Yeah..thats me being vain..can't help but to snap a pix of my reflection on such glossy-brilliant finish!

Wednesday, January 7

Happy 2009

A week has passed since new year's day and I've been busy in my office ever since hence this overdue entry... *wink

Having my car spent its' new year in the workshop isnt exactly cool but yeah, it got into a minor accident when my bro was driving it around. Got it back lookin' all shiny & new on 2nd of Jan and boy, do I miss it or what... drove down to KL twice and PD and like every where else... *laughs as I terrorize people on the highways*

And then just when I thought that CHCKL 2008 weekly bulletin design was cool enuff,

the creative crew then came out with THIS !

the all-new CHCKL 2009 weekly bulletin

It's been a great start to a new year ever since and I've got a suprise when I went home yesterday to find a lovely belated Christmas present with a 2 page long letter on my desk from Gwen in Singapore! *totally lovely*

Looking forward to a greater year ahead with all my resolutions and fulfilling the cultural mandate!

Monday, January 5

Week 53 of 2008

Updates from Week 53 of 2008:

Congratulations to Mr.& Mrs. Justin Ng who tied the knot on 27th Dec:

The lovely couple

After this, there'll be an extra house to collect angpow in the coming Chinese New Year..*lol


Outing to PD:


New Year's Eve Street Party at The Curve:

Liang taking the stage with his hip-hop, R&B mix

A new year street party featuring acts like Juwita Suwito, Liang, Altered Frequency, Faizal Tahir, Karen Kong & Rynn.

Juwita; the vocal powerhouse, mesmerizing the crowd with songs from her album & some cover tunes.

Faizal Tahir during impromptu moment: "Why not take off our tee-shirts?".....

Rynn Lim captivating hearts of his teenage fans

Rynn's die-hard fans

L-R: Rynn, Karen Kong, Altered Frequency, Liang & Joey G.

and of course, a pix of us who were there.

Finally, the highlight of the night:

With mouths wide open: "WOW"!!!