Wednesday, January 7

Happy 2009

A week has passed since new year's day and I've been busy in my office ever since hence this overdue entry... *wink

Having my car spent its' new year in the workshop isnt exactly cool but yeah, it got into a minor accident when my bro was driving it around. Got it back lookin' all shiny & new on 2nd of Jan and boy, do I miss it or what... drove down to KL twice and PD and like every where else... *laughs as I terrorize people on the highways*

And then just when I thought that CHCKL 2008 weekly bulletin design was cool enuff,

the creative crew then came out with THIS !

the all-new CHCKL 2009 weekly bulletin

It's been a great start to a new year ever since and I've got a suprise when I went home yesterday to find a lovely belated Christmas present with a 2 page long letter on my desk from Gwen in Singapore! *totally lovely*

Looking forward to a greater year ahead with all my resolutions and fulfilling the cultural mandate!

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