Monday, January 5

Week 53 of 2008

Updates from Week 53 of 2008:

Congratulations to Mr.& Mrs. Justin Ng who tied the knot on 27th Dec:

The lovely couple

After this, there'll be an extra house to collect angpow in the coming Chinese New Year..*lol


Outing to PD:


New Year's Eve Street Party at The Curve:

Liang taking the stage with his hip-hop, R&B mix

A new year street party featuring acts like Juwita Suwito, Liang, Altered Frequency, Faizal Tahir, Karen Kong & Rynn.

Juwita; the vocal powerhouse, mesmerizing the crowd with songs from her album & some cover tunes.

Faizal Tahir during impromptu moment: "Why not take off our tee-shirts?".....

Rynn Lim captivating hearts of his teenage fans

Rynn's die-hard fans

L-R: Rynn, Karen Kong, Altered Frequency, Liang & Joey G.

and of course, a pix of us who were there.

Finally, the highlight of the night:

With mouths wide open: "WOW"!!!






VON said...

nice capture!!! the last pic its look like a sun!!

great to meet u there haha...but is crowded and sweaty...

MidnightGurl said...

woooooshh~~~~ a great party huh
haha im sure u enjoyed.. *grin*

happy new year 2009~!!^^