Sunday, July 18

Rentak Juara 2010 Finals - Concert & Band Pictures

Came to support my friends - Car Crash Hearts who made it to the FINALS of this band competition held last nite at the RTM Broadcasting Complex Seremban.

Little *BIG fan* of CCH

It came as a suprise that I was immediately offered a seat reserved for media when usherers spotted me with a dSLR in hand.

So there I was, seated right in front of the stage which made my FIRST full-concert shoot all possible!

Alda.Collin.Kevin.Aliff of Car Crash Hearts


Alda & Aliff

ENAVA showing their band's spirit of patriotism

Besides the 8 competing bands, there were also Special Appearance by veterans in the local music industry with the likes of Aweera, Ramli Sarip & AlleyCats just to name a few.

Man Kidal & Aweera

Dato' David of AlleyCats

'Papa-Rock' - Ramli Sarip

My fav keyboardist of the night sessioning for Ramli Sarip

And finally, a shot with the legend; Dato' David Arumugam of AlleyCats

You can go here for more detailed pictures of individual bands at the concert.

Feel free to tag your friends and band members!

Monday, July 12

An Honest Mistake in HD

It's finally here.... the band's first single in HD

This Song Is So Random, I Don't Know Why

Video courtesy of The Up Films. Check out more of their works at

Sunday, July 4

Super Auto Mix 2010 at Bukit Jalil Stadium


So, besides the 'useless' team ...there were other pimped rides that was actually worth checking out.

Held at Bukit Jalil Stadium's carpark, this 3 days (2-4 July) event brings together car mod freaks all to a single location.

Of course, no cars would be complete without having some babes around.

Some big boys toys for u

VIP style modders were there to showcase they're 'close to zero' ground clearance rides.

20" wheels on a Camry

Fans of anime would be thrilled by this creative airbrush works

The modders were probably too engrossed in putting in all the gadgets and totally forgotten bout the steering wheel!

Now that's what they call a STICK shift.

An 'eco friendly' car equipped with a nasty 'clothes hanger' spoiler and 'pipes' to collect rainwater.

This has gotta be the MOST bad ass mod that I've ever seen done on a Myvi

To top it all off, there's also a drifting challege going on with some tire burnin' action