Friday, September 26

Let There Be Light

After lookin' at all the fun Jaslynn was having with her cam, I decided to try it out myself.

Turned my room into complete darkness, set the cam to the 5 seconds shutter mode/Twilight (or whatever they call the slow mode), include a 2 second timer, switch on the flash of my phone and start my 'drawings' ...........

Single stroke artwork:

My first attempt to draw a star shape admist the glow-in-the-dark stars in my room.

After a few attempts, this looks better....

Trying to whip out the letter 'B' ....

I *heart* my someone & something

Taking it to the next level, I up the challenge and increased the strokes on my artwork so that it doesnt look as though everything is joined together.

Everybody..... *smile*

After many messy pieces, I've finally got it... My initials on 2 seperate strokes.

Nice or not?

Wednesday, September 24

Journey Of A Dream

Every dream has to go through a journey before it will become a reality; says a visionary.

It all starts with a BIRTH of a dream in us. Something that kickstarts the drive and motivates us to bring that dream to past.

More often than not, we would somehow encounter a point of DELAY that could either be caused by human or other external factors just as we have got the momentum going.

This will usually cause us to be agitated and get all frustrated over the many reasons behind this delay.

It takes maturity in being patient to wait for the right timing at this point. It's not a NO; but just NOT YET.

The journey in realizing a dream might also reach a point of DEATH when the pursuer of a dream would feel they're at a dead end, when all efforts proved futile, when all opportunities are turned down, when people that you've trusted fails you and all else goes wrong.

This is one point in time where one would even start to question the very fact that whether this dream should still be pursued or abandoned. Sad to say, most people usually quit at this stage and find it hard to move forward from this point.

Always remember that there wouldnt be any testimony without a TEST and a message wouldnt come about without a MESS.

Strive on and do not lose hope!

The RESURRECTION stage will start to set in when one pursued and stayed focus on their dreams beyond the death stage. One will also find loyal & true friends which stayed behind to support and believe in you despite all the circumstances.

Finally, comes the FULFILLMENT of a dream after one has spent much time pursuing it with the right attitude and patience in enduring the testing stages above.

"As you make the dreams of others come true, GOD WILL MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE".

Tuesday, September 23

Waja Crash : A real life NCAP Test

Most people including myself have been a sceptic over the ratings by Euro NCAP especially when it comes to our local makes.

This morning, I finally got to witness how an Euro NCAP 3 star <--click on words for link> rated vehicle fair in real life situations on our boleh-land trunk roads.

So, how do you turn THIS:

into THIS:

Note the Balai Polis is just less than 30 metres away... *LOL

Introducing the tall & tough opponent:

A quick and untimely defeat; Uprooted and broken into 2 pieces in a blink of an eye!


No test dummies on this one, just that the dumb driver was speeding and attempted some zig-zagging action when it lost control and went HEAD-ON with it's ultimate opponent.

It hit the TNB pole so hard it sent shockwaves and blackouts across a 5 mile radius that the Waja got flung around and landed in the bushes.

The driver and 2 passengers walked out completely unharmed by the crash. No broken bones, twisted arms and signs of whiplash injuries on them.

Here's ME trying to do the Jeremy Clarkson thing by imagining I'm hosting Fifth Gear and showing off to the the crowd the results of this crash test attempting to open the front doors to see whether the passenger area has been compromised.

Why my FACE got censored ahhh???. Mr.Camera man!!

Not bad! The impact of the accident failed to upset the tough chasis and DID NOT go beyond the A-Pillar into the passenger compartment, thus the door can still be opened without a glitch.

Conclusion: Waja vs TNB pole : A draw. 0-0

To sum it up, here's a video of the crash test carried out in the NCAP labs proving further the rigidity of the car's chasis in protecting it's occupants.

Friday, September 19

Calling all musicians in Malaysia to unite at

The latest portal to gather talented musicians like yourself with a dedicated page of Artists & Bands for you to check out in which you can also add your band's website in there as well.

A buy & sell music portal to showcase your creativity and make known your tunes to the world plus a comprehensive database of the coolest and reasonable Jamming/Recording studios in your area.

Besides the forums, events and affiliations listing, there's even a Band Name Generator if you're still clueless on what to name your band.

Check out more cool stuff `bout by clicking on the image.

Thursday, September 11

Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival

With just a few more days to the mooncake festival, here's some yummylicious mooncakes for u all to drool on.

Accompanying the celebration, there are some additional cultural or regional customs as well. Bet u all didnt know some of this, so here we go:

1. Eating mooncakes OUTSIDE and UNDER the moon [*if rain how ah???]

2. Putting pomelo rinds on one's head [*crazy..look like clown.]

3. Burning incense in reverence to deities [*haze ahh...]

4. Planting Mid-Autumn trees [*polluting and saving the environment at the same brilliant...]

5. Collecting dandelion leaves and distributing them evenly among family members [*to wipe mouth after eating mooncakes??]

6. Fire Dragon Dances [*Chinese New Year meh?]

7. Carrying brightly lit lanterns & lighting lanterns on towers [*can try la tis one...]

Oops...technically it is a lantern, & it's BRIGHTLY LIT.... *LOL

Click here if you wanna kehpoh more about the story behind this festival and how mooncakes came about. Be warned, there are over 6 different versions of the tale!

To watch a video on how mooncakes are professionally prepared, click here to view my last year's posting on this festival.

Here's wishing a Happy 中秋節 to all my readers!

Monday, September 8

Paulians 82nd Anniversary Dinner

It was a trip down memory lane for fellow Paulians when we gathered for the 82nd Anniversary Dinner organized by the Old Paulians Association which sees a turnout of over 1000 people at Royale Bintang Hotel Seremban.

It's an annual event to reunite all Paulians to catch up on one another and reminisce our good ol' school days.

Since it was my first time attending this event, I was really looking forward for it to meet up with buddies whom I've not seen since we left school over 10 years ago.

Class of 98

It has gotta be one heck of a year for the teachers at SPI coz' this batch of ours has been infamously known as one of the most mischievous students of our times before the 'demerit points' system was introduced.which turned SPI into a sissy school.

L-R: Chee Ven, Me, Roy & Roland

Timmy - One of my first few buddies from SPI Primary.

Most of us still look the same and as witty as we are back then despite some that has lost some hair and spot a bigger belly.

The notorious looking gang

More pix available here

Looking forward for a bigger Class of 98 gathering next year!
For updates, do join the Paulians group on Facebook here.

Thursday, September 4

Proton MPV Sneak Peek

Be curious no more as I've finally got something from my spies in Proton.
Presenting to you our nation's first ever MPV.

Although the final product might have some slight changes/makeovers, this is as much as we get to see for the time being.

Wednesday, September 3

EMERGE KL 2008 - Highlights

Here's some highlights of the annual EMERGE KL 2008 Conference.

Indeed EMERGE gets bigger & better every year!

Parade Of Schools kicked off the first night with an awesome performance:

Singer/Songwriter: Danny One

Taiwan Pop Artiste/Actor; Liu Geng Hong made an appearance in this 3 days conference

Pastor Kong Hee delivering the message on the first nite.

Day 2: Session 2

Be mesmerized by Gordon & Guo Yii's guitar duet

Brenda Bolang (13yrs old) ~ Top 4 finalist of the Indonesia Talent Search Show - Mamamia .

Her parents also happens to be pastors of a thriving church in Indonesia. Now who says PK's (pastor's kids) can't be hip & happening while impacting people at the same time? Brenda testifies that her success came not only through a relationship with God but through constant prayer & fasting.

Day 2: Session 3

My bro - Leonard; in the Hosting finals

Sarah & Eldy; the dance champ

Shawn Lee; the unbeatable beatboxer.

Adeline; Beauty Pageant finalist

Mr. & Ms. EMERGE 2008

Will Liu Geng Hong & his wife - Vivi Wang (Miss Taiwan 1999) shares their inspiring tales on reaching out to the people in the entertainment industry & running many cell groups while keeping up with their busy celebrity lifestyle

Winner of the 'Best EMERGE pose' contest.

Caleb & Tasha (first time in Msia) from "The Alternative" flew in from the States for EMERGE

South Africa politician/ambassador to Singapore Ms. Z Makina sharing on how she gained her wisdom in politics from God.

Day 3: Session 4

CHCKL Worship Team presenting "Viva La Vida" (Life) from Coldplay

Our dearest Pastor Kevin preaching on this combined Sunday service while Ps. Kong Hee flew back to Singapore for church service before joining us again at night.

Day 3: Session 5

Parade Of School Champion from the M.I.N.T Cluster performing once again.

Pop artiste & fellow CHCKL member Anthony Chang

Liu Geng Hoong singing "Rainbow Heaven"

Veteran actress Patreana Hung Bo Bo; also a fellow member of CHCKL made a first-time 'unofficial' appearance on stage. Sharing with us all her life stories which includes her 'no-life' childhood when her career took off at just the age of 4 spanning over 1000 episodes and 200 movies.

Very humble and witty, this born again actress since 1992 also shared how she had found CHCKL to be her home after years of searching for a church that she actually felt belonged.

Spotting a hairstyle associated with the "bird-nest" of the Beijing Olympics Stadium, most didn't know that she was born in the same town as Ps.Kevin which is in the quiet and less-heard of town called Sandakan in Sabah. Hung Bo Bo's appearance that night had definitely caught the attention of lotsa aunties & uncles joining this conference.

Well, all things had to come to an end, and here we are singing the classic 80's hit: That's What Friends Are For that brought us to the closing of EMERGE KL 2008

See you all next year!