Wednesday, September 24

Journey Of A Dream

Every dream has to go through a journey before it will become a reality; says a visionary.

It all starts with a BIRTH of a dream in us. Something that kickstarts the drive and motivates us to bring that dream to past.

More often than not, we would somehow encounter a point of DELAY that could either be caused by human or other external factors just as we have got the momentum going.

This will usually cause us to be agitated and get all frustrated over the many reasons behind this delay.

It takes maturity in being patient to wait for the right timing at this point. It's not a NO; but just NOT YET.

The journey in realizing a dream might also reach a point of DEATH when the pursuer of a dream would feel they're at a dead end, when all efforts proved futile, when all opportunities are turned down, when people that you've trusted fails you and all else goes wrong.

This is one point in time where one would even start to question the very fact that whether this dream should still be pursued or abandoned. Sad to say, most people usually quit at this stage and find it hard to move forward from this point.

Always remember that there wouldnt be any testimony without a TEST and a message wouldnt come about without a MESS.

Strive on and do not lose hope!

The RESURRECTION stage will start to set in when one pursued and stayed focus on their dreams beyond the death stage. One will also find loyal & true friends which stayed behind to support and believe in you despite all the circumstances.

Finally, comes the FULFILLMENT of a dream after one has spent much time pursuing it with the right attitude and patience in enduring the testing stages above.

"As you make the dreams of others come true, GOD WILL MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE".


VON said...

i like this blog.......

and i love this:
"there wouldnt be any testimony without a TEST and a message wouldnt come about without a MESS in the initial stages. "

i did copy this sentence in my note as well as my brain haha....

always remind ppl to be strong and faithful pursue our dream!

Baldwin said...

Yeah..tht line is rather inspiring for us to pursue our dreams.

kar wai said...

Hey I love the quote "The future belongs to those whom believe in the beauty of their dreams"

Nicely written. :)