Friday, July 31

ENVY Club - Now Open at Solaris

The nice people at Envy Club [] invited us bloggers to a preview of it's hottest club in KL

Located at Solaris, Mont Kiara (Adjacent to Tenji and behind Haagen Dazs), this latest club in the upcoming hotspot of KL totally SIZZLED the place!

Comprising of 2 floors, the lower floor is the source of the pulsating beats coming from the performance stage that features the DJ Console, a long bar and lounge area.

With cleverly positioned lights, the stairway that paths onto another classy upper floor, opens up to the VIP area with mirrors lining the wall and warm lights glowing off the floor.

ENVY also features a unique suspended glass bridge over the dance floor below.

Reserved for the hottest dancers only

With a lineup of Daily Events featuring the hottest celebrity DJ's around, see if you could out-flaunt them with your dance moves!

Bloggers on the preview nite

ENVY officially opens on July 29th.

Tuesday, July 28

City Harvest KL 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Started back in 2001 with only 20 members, City Harvest KL has since grown over the years and this year they've turned 8.

With that, CHCKL organized it's first ever gala dinner to commemorate this special occasion.

The man with the vision who started "the coolest church in Malaysia" - Rev.Kevin Loo and his wife

Rev. Kevin Loo & Esther

It was a classy evening as everyone came in their finest outfit for this glitzy gala dinner.

As dinner was served, guests were entertained by a choir, solo and group performances, a Michael Jackson tribute, award giveaways and also lucky draws.

We also got a preview of the artist impression in 3D showcasing the new church building equipped with a rooftop field, pool, gym and futsal courts.
Pastor also took the opportunity to launch the new vision of the church - '10,000 by 2015'

Here's a snippet from the many pix we took that nite:

How does the voices of 1200 people sound like?.. Check out the video as we sing the birthday song

Happy Birthday City Harvest!

Monday, July 27

INFLUENCE 09 by Youth Alive Malaysia

After a 4 year hiatus, I'm back on stage again with the Youth Alive Malaysia band

Having played for the largest gathering of youths annually at H.U.G.E Camps and other conferences by the Youth Alive peeps, here I am now, 4 years later at a young adult conference. (No more crazy jumps on stage & etc)

This annual conference at GTPJ is targeted at uni and young working adults to make them an Influence in the marketplace.

So, on the opening night concert, the committees invited our very own Joanne Yeoh; Whom have performed for royalties and pop stars like Jacky Cheung & David Tao for their world tour concerts.

This is seriously one amazing violinist! Check out: Joanne's website

Violin superstar Joanne Yeoh

Later, the band took over rockin' it out:

MOTIF rules! Both the XS and ES

The conference attendees

Youth Alive team for INFLUENCE 09

It was such a wonderful experience serving together and giving glory to Him!

Wednesday, July 15

Kuantan Getaway

The South China Sea & Hyatt awaits us.....

One of my favorite spots in Kuantan is this seafront McDonalds at Teluk Cempedak where it's just a stone-throw away from the sea.

Got myself a sundae cone and strolled along the sandy beach .....heavenly!

Thanks to Darren, who was very hospitable to bring us around Kuantan's best spots, here I am with Casey; my long time school buddy at 'Pantai Batu Hitam' a.k.a Black Stone beach.

The place was known to attract visitors coz of it's unique black stones but due to the rapid developments, there were only a handful left.

Another 'must-visit' spot in town - Mustafa's Cendol. Located along the road heading toward TC beach, it's a must have whenever one visit Kuantan. Tasty-smooth cendol served from 4pm onwards

Mustafa's ABC-Cendol

Had a filling dinner at 'Crocodile Rock' - a unique bungalow lot turned restaurant with nice food and great company before hitting the beach again sometime around midnite.

TC beach at 1am

The place was still packed with locals hangin' out on the beach at this time of the day, including 'Michael Jackson' *laughs*

Ok...maybe it's just a 'mat' MJ...well, at least it's not Mat Rempit, rite?

We too 'participated' in camwhoring along the beach like the rest and even tried but failed walking to Bay 2 in those pitch darkness.

Next morning, we set out early around 7am hoping to see the sunrise....but there wasnt any sign of it 'rising', so we took a walk over to Bay 2 instead.

See! a very cloudy Sunday morning

Did some rock climbing up the highest rock on Bay 2 .....and camwhored more!

Finally my pair of Crocs has landed on the highest rock at TC and for the very first time, 'cleansed' by the waters of the South China Sea.

I was also twittering & facebooking while lepaking on the highest rock hoping to see some sun....but it was too shy to make an appearance.

Anyway, took some shots..or maybe way too many 'retard' shots that can't be shown here....and we also engaged ourselves in some 'rock-lifting'.....


Just before we left for home, Darren treated us to Bayleaf, another great-spot for some fine western cuisine in Galing.

The portion of baked Salmon was really huge and tasty all for under 18 bucks! What a steal!

This place is highly recommended.

Pix with Darren @ Bayleaf

Will be back in Kuantan for more coverage of the hottest night-spots in town at the most happening club - After Seven and also Swing

Monday, July 6

Super Chic Sunday

Nothing could be better on a Sunday afternoon than to be sipping icy-cold drinks while mingling among HOT celebrities.

So, here I am (or rather, was) at Plaza Mont Kiara on a fine Sunday weekend 'celebrating' Serena C's birthday where she kinda organized this auction event supported by Mix FM at the flea market for the benefit of
Woman's Aid Organization (WAO)

Here's the birthday gal, Serena C.
('s supposed to be 3 fingers already)

and her HOT friends

A lineup of our local celebrities at their most casual

The place was buzzing with performances by artiste and also of course the auctioning of the belongings of our local celebs where all the proceeds goes to WAO

The bidding went on where we see genuine branded goods going on auction for a very charitable price.

Even funnyman Harith Iskander didnt miss a chance to bid and for this, he won a bid for that piece of fine dress which looks like it could fit really well on his..... left thigh *lol*

Know you guys wouldn't wanna miss out on this one.

Well now, go on and's our sweetheart-celebrity, Hannah Tan

Looking all pretty and sweeter than ever with her new hairdo

Us "celebrity wanna-be's" with Serena C.

Witty hosts for the day

And finally...... the man himself - FERHAD

Ferhad on stage with Jingles

You've just gotta check out the short snippet of Ferhad's rendition of Michael Jackson's - You Are Not Alone

Simply amazing vocals coming live from the man himself.

Check out: [] for pix of your favorite local celebrities!