Monday, July 27

INFLUENCE 09 by Youth Alive Malaysia

After a 4 year hiatus, I'm back on stage again with the Youth Alive Malaysia band

Having played for the largest gathering of youths annually at H.U.G.E Camps and other conferences by the Youth Alive peeps, here I am now, 4 years later at a young adult conference. (No more crazy jumps on stage & etc)

This annual conference at GTPJ is targeted at uni and young working adults to make them an Influence in the marketplace.

So, on the opening night concert, the committees invited our very own Joanne Yeoh; Whom have performed for royalties and pop stars like Jacky Cheung & David Tao for their world tour concerts.

This is seriously one amazing violinist! Check out: Joanne's website

Violin superstar Joanne Yeoh

Later, the band took over rockin' it out:

MOTIF rules! Both the XS and ES

The conference attendees

Youth Alive team for INFLUENCE 09

It was such a wonderful experience serving together and giving glory to Him!


wendyy said...

Ohh My handsome mia Baldwin.Too handsome d.

Leonard said...

This place brings back alot of memories.

I miss the Youth Alive days. *laugh*

O btw, I rmb Maranatha used to look so HUGE to me.

Baldwin said...

@wendyy : tht was flattering ..*lol

@leonard : lotsa memories indeed..well, we're all empowered to take on bigger things in the varying seasons =)