Tuesday, July 28

City Harvest KL 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Started back in 2001 with only 20 members, City Harvest KL has since grown over the years and this year they've turned 8.

With that, CHCKL organized it's first ever gala dinner to commemorate this special occasion.

The man with the vision who started "the coolest church in Malaysia" - Rev.Kevin Loo and his wife

Rev. Kevin Loo & Esther

It was a classy evening as everyone came in their finest outfit for this glitzy gala dinner.

As dinner was served, guests were entertained by a choir, solo and group performances, a Michael Jackson tribute, award giveaways and also lucky draws.

We also got a preview of the artist impression in 3D showcasing the new church building equipped with a rooftop field, pool, gym and futsal courts.
Pastor also took the opportunity to launch the new vision of the church - '10,000 by 2015'

Here's a snippet from the many pix we took that nite:

How does the voices of 1200 people sound like?.. Check out the video as we sing the birthday song

Happy Birthday City Harvest!


Stanley said...

Awesome.....I didn't know that you're from City Harvest. Heard so much about you guys. Happy Birthday!

pb said...

wa... i missed this.. =/

Baldwin said...

@Stanley: Yeah bro..CHC rocks! =)

@pb: Thought u'd be around...

pb said...

nah.. i have rehearsals on thursday and sunday nights...