Friday, July 31

ENVY Club - Now Open at Solaris

The nice people at Envy Club [] invited us bloggers to a preview of it's hottest club in KL

Located at Solaris, Mont Kiara (Adjacent to Tenji and behind Haagen Dazs), this latest club in the upcoming hotspot of KL totally SIZZLED the place!

Comprising of 2 floors, the lower floor is the source of the pulsating beats coming from the performance stage that features the DJ Console, a long bar and lounge area.

With cleverly positioned lights, the stairway that paths onto another classy upper floor, opens up to the VIP area with mirrors lining the wall and warm lights glowing off the floor.

ENVY also features a unique suspended glass bridge over the dance floor below.

Reserved for the hottest dancers only

With a lineup of Daily Events featuring the hottest celebrity DJ's around, see if you could out-flaunt them with your dance moves!

Bloggers on the preview nite

ENVY officially opens on July 29th.

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beezee~bee said...

thanks for coming again - hope u had a good night with us.

see you ard @ envy soon! ;)