Monday, March 31

Proton Waja CPS & Campro Review

Due to the increasing request* on my blog for the comparison between the Proton Waja CPS & Waja Campro, here's something local car fanatics are waiting for; Head-to-head reviews on this two models.

*Stats and analysis on this blog are possible thanks to Nuffnang.

Twilight blue Waja CPS on the Left & Burgundy Waja Campro on the Right

Notice the lower ride of the Campro version which is due to the standard 55 series tire compared to the 60 series fitted on the CPS model for increased comfort in sacrifice of the sharp handling & high speed stability.

The bonnet design has changed since the sportier looking Alfa beak has somehow aged with time. OEM height adjustable 4300k Xenon comes as standard compared to the "aftermarket" 6000k Xenon on the Campro. Indicator & Fog lamps gets a makeover on the new bumper as well. The newer ones are no longer crystal type for signals and projector for the fog lamps.

Side mirrors are electrically foldable on this new make which proves to be convenient & useful in urban parking situations.

A closer look at the front hood reveals a change in the color of the emblem and of course a much larger sized one. Honeycomb design grille on the lower air intake of the bumpers has also been reverted to the straight lined ones.

110bhp Campro versus 125bhp Campro CPS. (Cam-Profile Switching) with "TYPE-R" wannabe; red rocker cover.

What lies beneath the hood is the most exciting compared to the other makeovers.
Its the latest powertrain jointly developed by Proton & Lotus that marks a milestone and the completion of the so called 'Campro engine project', as it's finally integrated with the variable valve lift technology -CPS and coupled with variable intake manifold -VIM that enhances air intake at every rev range of the engine by a short & long runner switch-over mechanism. The CPS engines also come with an oil cooler due to its higher operating temperatures.

The infamous torque dip of the Campro at 2.5k RPM has improved in this new engine and so is the annoying, over-sensitive gradient sensor that downshifts at weird moments on the road.

Interior remains unchanged except for some minor details like instrument panel fonts and the stylish gated shift. Driver & Front passenger airbags now comes as standard. OEM Clarion single-disc player has dropped the Bluetooth capability but added playability for Windows Media Audio (WMA) audio files alongside MP3.

Rear crop-circle lamps are still there to haunt people who's tailing you; but the CPS markings and twin exhaust tailpipes are a sure sign to indicate the additional horses under the hood. Bear in mind that it's not your usual twin tailpipes system as the exhaust note is slightly higher but not intrusive on this ride. A quick check on the undercarriage of the CPS reveals a much larger diameter of the exhaust system piping.

For more info and a typical day to day usage review on the new CPS performance, surf over to the blog of ambientscape.

Shiny and great looking showroom condition cars starts with a good car grooming centre.

Saturday, March 29

Alicia's Birthday

Was over at Alicia's 17th Birthday Poolside Party.

Unique bouquet of balloons for the birthday princess

Long time buddy -Timothy of C.O.P, Ipoh now studying at HELP

The fun started right after some get-to-know sessions and BBQ; where everyone got dragged into the pool.

All in the pool after they throw one another in.

Happy 17th Birthday Alicia!

For a more comprehensive coverage, check out the video greetings here.

Earth Hour 2008

Weekends are finally here again!

If you have nothing else better to do tonight, or even if u have, you are welcome to join this international event -
Earth Hour 2008.

It's an event that asks households and businesses to TURN OFF their lights and other non-essential electrical appliances for

1 HOUR to promote electricity conservation and thus lowering carbon emissions.

Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming.

This event which was started in Sydney in 2007, is now a global movement that is supported by 2,100 global corporations eg: McD, Canon, Coca-Cola, HSBC & Citicorp just to name a few.

Over 2.2 million people turned off their lights during last year's event which resulted in a 10.2% energy reduction in the city in just an hour!

Make it happen TONIGHT - 29th March at 8 p.m. local time.

Get additional info & tips on how you can be a part of Earth Hour 2008 on its official website.

Tuesday, March 25

Eternity @ CHC

It was an awesome Easter weekend at CHC; with overflowing crowds at all 4 services!

An Easter Production at City Harvest Church KL

Despite the same message in churches all over the world annually, let's not forget the very reason we are living today is `coz Christ died for us on the cross so that we may live!

Happy Easter everyone. =)

Saturday, March 15

Dumb Blonde On Pregnancy Test Kit

To further confirm on how dumb are the blondes, check out tis ad:

You'll never look at your Ipod the same way again...

Wednesday, March 12

Biblical Economics Conference @ CHC

2 nights of awesome conference by Ps. Pat Mesiti on the topic of Biblical Economics.

Was greatly blessed by the preaching of the Word as we were challenged to sow into the things we wish to see happen.

Quote to remember: "Nothing leaves heaven until something leaves your hand" .
Remember to also give your TIME, TALENT, TOUCH & TREASURE back to the kingdom of God.

Saturday, March 8

Malaysia's 12th General Elections


As Malaysians vote today, I'm also exercising my rights for the very first time.

It comes as no suprise that the blue team got shot down quite badly by the rockets this time around.

This is NOT a condom advertisement.

Just as the mascot suggests with a blue ring around it....SCREW U BN! ... *lol..

Friday, March 7

CHC Friends Nite

City Harvest Friends Nite on 7th March 2008.

Members of City Harvest and their friends jam-packed the place for games, food and of course the Apple I-Pod Touch lucky draw prize.

Interesting performances by the CHC dance team and local composer/artist Danny One kept the invited guests entertained.

L-R: Alvin, Me & Eric

Alicia & I

Helina & I

Monday, March 3

Waja CPS - Interior

The latest Proton Waja CPS - Minor Interior Makeovers. Surf over to the detailed comparison of Waja CPS & Campro here.

Besides the few things highlighted here, everything is the same as the previous batch of Waja Campro. Leather seats, Meter Panels (no optitron whatsoever), Double-deck console armrest -Front & Rear etc.

Gated shift. Good for aesthetics; A fuss to shift. Hard, creaky plastics that gets in the way of the shift from 'P' all the way down.

Air conditioning vents as per previous Waja Campro. New "soft-touch" fog, hazard & rear demister buttons. First button on the left is used to unlock the doors which is activated by the brake pedal.

Featured in this ride is a single-disc Clarion (35x4w) headunit powering 6 speakers that supports both MP3 & WMA files. Bluetooth feature is not available unlike the previous batch. Volume & Search controls are available on the steering just like old times. Sound quality has deteriorated compared to previous model. Somehow this unit sounded weaker although with improved MP3 folder browsing with auto title scroll.

Night illumination of the dash area.

A slight change in font type while whitish illumination remains.

Dual SRS airbags (Driver & Front Passenger). Note the change of color of Proton's logo.

Height adjustable Xenon headlamps and the switch for electric foldable side mirrors.

Saturday, March 1

Proton Waja CPS - First In Seremban!

It's finally here. The long awaited "revolutionary" engine developed by Proton & Lotus.

Proud to be driving the first Waja CPS on the streets of Seremban!

Lotsa tempting goodies in this 'facelifted' model of the aging Waja.
Full review & pix coming up after this weekend!