Saturday, May 30

Preview: Be Our Guest by The Canticle Singers

Attended the preview of Be Our Guest held at Auditorium Perdanasiswa @ University of Malaya

The Canticle Singers - a chorale of 19 singers and also guest soloist Tan Wei Han.

VVIP seatings; thanks to Phoebe

Singing songs from award winning compositions to film & stage productions, it's a journey of lush choral music from the 1950's to the present day.

They'll only be performing on 2 sessions (Sat & Sun). Don't miss out the chance to watch these vocal powerhouses in action. Get your tickets here

Here's a pix wit the star; Phoebe's vocal was simply amazing when she did her solo performance!

Michel, Me, Phoebe & Joshua

Do check out some tracks on Joshua's blog.

Friday, May 29

iPhone Mini

The latest iPhone Mini

Looks familiar with the single button menu and all?

Well, not quite. Though it looks kinda real at one glance, only smaller, do not be fooled. It's actually one of those China fakes that looks as real as it can get.

Upon checking out the Menu icons, you'll soon notice that it's so Chinese that it has got 'Lottery' instead of 'Stocks' as in the real iPhone. *lolx*

Sized smaller than Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic

Those chinamen immitate the whole thing so well that even the shiny-black metal body looks and feels the same minus the apple logo.

16GB? No way!
The phone memory is just sufficient to make the phone work.

To top it all up, it has also got the 'Slide To Unlock' feature!!!

There goes all the hype on the 2000 bucks iPhone 3G that was just launched recently

Monday, May 25

Krispy Kreme @ Times Square

Move over J Co & Big Apple






Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is in town yo!

All glowing in the tapau bag making it even more irresistible

Krispy Kreme says that fresh doughnuts are in the making when the red neon light is on, so I was there when it did and queing up is tough as you watch fresh-smokin' hot doughnuts rolls in line waiting to be showered by the glazed sugary coating while you await your turn to sink your mouth into one.


1/2 dozen of Assorted Doughnuts

Lovin' em LOTS coz of the sugary-high sensation in every bite
and also coz

I get an UNLIMITED 10% discount for every purchase!

*hearts Berjaya Group & Krispy Kreme*

Thursday, May 14

Mike weds Wendy

It was a joyous occasion over the weekend as another cousin of mine got married.

Arrival of the groom and his 'heng-tai's'

Acting cute as they're being tortured by the girls before gaining 'entry' to see the bride

The 'yam-cha' session.

Not quite our typical yam-cha at the mamak coz this one's quite costly, for every cup of tea that goes down your throat, you're obligated to either pay by cash or jewellery.

STRICTLY Cash & Gold Only!

The lovely newly-weds

Spotted someone familiar in the pix?

If you are in the blogsphere long enough, you would agree with me that the groom has a splitting image of Kenny Sia []

Oh well, Kenny's gotta seriously lose lotsa kilo's to get into this body shape.

Monday, May 4

Lee Hom Music-Man Concert 2009

It was a HOManiac saturday evening at Bukit Jalil stadium as my friends and I joined the crowd of over 25,000 people at the concert arena to watch Lee Hom on stage.

Lee Hom's entrance via his 'space-ship'

The concert theme Music-Man reflects his fondness for manga and comicbook superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Watchmen.

Showcasing his latest G-Clef dragon-shaped electric guitar, dubbed 'Bahamut' (dragon-king) costing over USD 25,000!

Music-Man and his weapon; Designed by famed Irish guitar master, Alistair Hay

With over 15 million records sold and four-time Golden Melody Award-winning singer-songwriter on stage, fans expected nothing less than a spectacular concert that nite.

The Lee Hom quadruplets got the crowd all confused whether Lee Hom was the drummer guy in blue.

His stage performance was great and besides the dance moves and *coughstandingonpianocough*, he even did a disappearing act from a box on stage and appearing from a stage in the middle of the crowd.

During one of the breaks between songs, the
HOManiacs Fan Club of Malaysia presented Lee Hom a birthday gift.

Lee Hom checking out the "172 seconds of birthday wishes for you" cd.

It's actually a short video clip of fans wishing him Happy Birthday which was on May 17th.

The fans were simply fantastic as their vocal echoed much louder than that of the gigantic line array speakers especially on the familiar tunes to which I joined them as well.

Fans seated till the utmost top row of the stadium

Lee Hom sang a total of 28 songs that nite, mostly killer-ballads from his previous albums.

The concert ended on a high note and left fans in awe wanting more.
Looks like Music Man saved the day once again!