Saturday, May 30

Preview: Be Our Guest by The Canticle Singers

Attended the preview of Be Our Guest held at Auditorium Perdanasiswa @ University of Malaya

The Canticle Singers - a chorale of 19 singers and also guest soloist Tan Wei Han.

VVIP seatings; thanks to Phoebe

Singing songs from award winning compositions to film & stage productions, it's a journey of lush choral music from the 1950's to the present day.

They'll only be performing on 2 sessions (Sat & Sun). Don't miss out the chance to watch these vocal powerhouses in action. Get your tickets here

Here's a pix wit the star; Phoebe's vocal was simply amazing when she did her solo performance!

Michel, Me, Phoebe & Joshua

Do check out some tracks on Joshua's blog.


EVo said...

Eh.bro..when did u go for this? and how was the turnup?

Baldwin said...

it wuz last fri nite. Turnout was good. Mesmerizing vocals dude!