Tuesday, June 2

The Wedding Banquet

The month of May was filled with weddings, even up to the very last day.

This time it's Kok Hon's turn as he brings the bride home

Kok Hon & Boon Ping ~ such a lovely-bubbly couple

~ Wedding wishes ~

At the table - Addy, Me, Rachel & Jon

Met up with lotsa church mates during the dinner and here's especially one 'prominent' big brother of TOW - unker Caldwin Tai

Having emigrated to kiwi land with his warm family, unker Caldwin looks like he's rejuvenated from his few months stay in Auckland and just got back from NZ to run some errands and attend the wedding.

Kok Hon also invited unker John Loo & band to come jazz things up during the dinner.

Meng, John, Kok Hon, Boon Ping, Victor, Sherley, Me & Jonathan

Did Wonderful Tonight with the band before calling it a day.

Time for me to go look for a bride now... *laughs*


Leonard said...


...I would have to say.. the Highlight of the Wedding besides Kok Hon n Boon Ping would be the Band. THey are Gooooood...

oo i forgot..there's another highlight - How MuCh and How Fast the People Ate and den How Fast they Left. *laugh*

Baldwin said...


i should've highlighted on the 'VERY fast & furious' Eaters & Leavers.


MidnightGurl said...

aww sweeet~! ;)