Saturday, November 28

Barack Obama in Seremban!?

So I was at this new KFC outlet in town just now trying to get a quick bite

Being Seremban.......its like the whole 'kampung' comes out when there's something new....yeah...including myself.

Took me a lenghty 55 mins to get to my turn.... which I only realized later that its all coz of this guy

He was being such a sissy at the counter, taking his own sweet time and being blur and all.... and then I finally spotted it

Did u see it? No?

It's Mr.Barack Obama on duty!

Friday, November 6

This Is It ...the concert that never came...

Over 70 of us went for the screening of Michael Jackson's curtain-call performance at GSC Mid Valley last Sunday.

Showing rehearsal footages of his 50 sold out concerts at the o2 Arena, London, it looks like everything was in place and fine-tuned to perfection for this concert that never happened.

They've even re-shoot the MTV for Thriller in an all new digital-animation form. Songs from the past has also been reworked and sounded like a current hit not forgetting the seasoned-pro musicians in the band of which one truly stood out:

Orianthi Panagaris - Electric Guitarist for MJ

Orianthi is of an Australian-Greek parentage and had the opportunity to play with legends like Steve Vai at 15, and Santana when she was just 18! Read all about Orianthi here

Anyway, here's some of the pix we took:

the MJ pose

Me, Juwita, Liang and my bro - Leonard

Joanne & Shawn Lee the beatbox guru

Here's one with Wan Chean and gang

My cousins

This is one concert which the world had missed that would showcase how much of a legendary performer MJ is. His passing is defintely a big loss to the world that he has inspired and loved so much.