Saturday, November 28

Barack Obama in Seremban!?

So I was at this new KFC outlet in town just now trying to get a quick bite

Being Seremban.......its like the whole 'kampung' comes out when there's something new....yeah...including myself.

Took me a lenghty 55 mins to get to my turn.... which I only realized later that its all coz of this guy

He was being such a sissy at the counter, taking his own sweet time and being blur and all.... and then I finally spotted it

Did u see it? No?

It's Mr.Barack Obama on duty!


Leonard said...


Since when Seremban got NEw KFC ?
So Happenign one ?

and Barack Obama is hands on.. how awesome !

Nick Chang journal said...

WOw....when Barack Obama become Malaysian??

Sure KFC become famous in Seremban...

颜帅 said...

wuahhh~ Sban gt so cun punya new kfc building o...must go look c look c liao...haha
whr is it?

Uncle Sam said...


simling 芯菱 said...