Tuesday, April 29

Adeline's 18th Birthday

The e13 cell suprised Adeline with a birthday cake when she turned 18 last Sunday.

What good timing! coz` coincidentally, the
City Harvest video crew was doing a video shoot of our cell on that day as well.

Havent' gather any pix yet, but here's a short clip on her birthday; during cell group:

Happy 18th Birthday Adeline!

~ Best Wishes ~

Monday, April 28

A Touch of MagicGlare

Brought my ride for grooming over the weekend at MagicGlare Car Grooming Center in Seremban 2.

After much info-digging on the web on the Glare range of products & the 24 months warranty on the gloss, I was still a little sceptical on the end results. Nevertheless, never try...never know.

Here's some info & pix on their lengthy hand-job:

1. Spa wash - in which they used the clay bar while washing the car to lift sand and other particles off the paint surface before checking the gloss level.

Plenty of swirls & water marks on the battered paint surface which only managed to register a 73.6% on the gloss meter.

2. Sealed and tucked away potruding rubber linings and emblems before starting off.

3. Cleaning & Preparing the surface (from scratches, watermarks, tar & etc.) using something called the 'blue-compound'.

4. After an elaborate 1.5 hours spent just to prepare the surface, it's now time to fill up the surface with Micron (a product of MagicGlare)

By now, the paint surface was already looking really good; All smooth & shiny without any obvious imperfections. Colour on the surface was deep and results were way above average of what other 'off the shelf' polish & wax products can do.

At this stage, even with the near perfect paint surface, it's just the beginning of the detailing job.

5. The rest of the 3 hours was spent on covering every hairline cracks and tiny (micro) valleys on the paint surface with Glare Professional Polish and Glare Micro-Finish to seal and provide a protective coating to the glassy-smooth hard finish.

The revolutionary Glare Professional Polish & Glare Micro-Finish contains Glassplexin that gives the paint an ultra high gloss finish and protection against UV rays which would not breakdown under harsh weather conditions unlike conventional polishes and wax.

After 5 hours, it's FINALLY DONE!

Gloss level of the paint surface now stands at 93.5% !


Solid high-gloss mirror finish; Check out the sharp & detailed reflection of the evening sunset on the bonnet surface that resembles a piece of mirror!

I always think that it's an advertising gimmick when they put up pix like that, but now I'm totally convinced by looking at the proven results on my CAR! Simply amazing!

Every cent spent was totally worth it when you get this level of gloss & shine on your car.

No wonder these are the only guys in the industry that gives a 24 months written warranty on their polishing job.

Tuesday, April 22

World Earth Day 2008

It's World Earth Day today.

What have you done or going to do today?

A bunch of facebook community pals and I did something unique to mark this event; We "froze" at Freeze for World Earth Day last sunday at Sunway Pyramid.

FREEZE for World Earth Day at Sunway Pyramid

If you're like some who's still wondering whts the whole 'freeze' event is all about; Go read it up here before continuing.

As for the rest of the community, here's some snippets.

T minus 15mins; Green people gathering around the ice-rink to receive instructions on the 'freeze' location.

Some are anxiously testing out their cams.

Hundreds of "Freeze kaki's" making their way to pyramid's new wing where we were to 'freeze' for a good 4 minutes.

Camwhore a few mins before the real thing...*practice..practice*..

Some tried to take advantage while freezing.

And then it happened, after some 10 seconds of countdown, we finally "froze" for the very first time...for 4 minutes!

Leo & Addy's environmentally friendly pose

Various freeze by everyone.

Even the sphinx didnt wanna miss out on the freeze.

Saturday, April 19

FREEZE for World Earth Day 2008

If you've missed KL Freeze on Apr 13th, here comes another freeze phenomenon which will be even bigger. Organized by hitz.fm in conjunction of World Earth Day 2008, this unique event seeks to create an impact and awareness for earth related issues and the forthcoming World Earth Day on April 22nd which will be celebrated worldwide.

Come this Sunday, which is like TOMORROW, it's FREEZE for World Earth Day event.

All you have to do is be at Sunway Pyramid before 8pm & dressed in GREEN. Try coming to the venue by using public transport or organise a car-pool. Before you leave your house, turn off as many electrical appliances as you can. Something so simple goes a long way.

Once your synchronized time hits 8 p.m, just FREEZE with your most creative post be it just standing there or holding a potted plant, lightbulb or maybe have sunglasses on and a paper fan to symbolise global warming.

If you're a newbie like me, u can go read all about this event here and at the organizer's website

Check out the scene from last week's KL Freeze at Pavilion or click here for pix.

See ya all there! This is one event you would wanna remember for a long time to come.

Don't forget to bring your camera!

Thursday, April 17

Hillsong United Concert in KL

The UNITED band from Hillsong Australia will be in town this coming May 28th at Glad Tidings Petaling Jaya.

Don't miss out on this one!

I *heart* Revolution - UNITED's latest compilation album; Features live recording of past tunes in various countries they've toured.

Tuesday, April 15

American Idols vs the conservatives

The 8 finalist of American Idol belting out " Shout To The Lord" during Idol Gives Back

Conservative christians are venting out their dissatisfaction over the whole idea saying that it's a BIG MISTAKE getting the Idols to sing this song together and an even BIGGER mistake to have replaced Jesus with Shepherd in the words of Shout to the Lord.

A catholic even retaliated by commenting that "Even if each and every one of them is born again and dying to sing the praises of the Lord, you don't alienate the viewers like me – and most Americans are not evangelicals – who don't identify with that particular strand of Christianity,"

To my opinion, this is so uncalled for. What's the big deal anyway? It's such a wonderful thing that the Idols performed this song during the charity night where through this song it somehow indirectly potrays the love of God for the people who's suffering in the world and by the way, music is universal.

Conservatives Christians with little or no intention to engage the world today should just keep their opinions and ideas to themselves and of course it would be best if they have a better idea of touching the lives of people in the world and the suffering to which I doubt that they have.

Now enjoy the clip from the Idols performing Shout To The Lord.

Tuesday, April 8


Cui Hu Park in Kunming, China

Cui Hu Park is located in the middle of the bustling city of Kunming for locals to retreat in the evenings.

This is where I wish I am at now. Just taking some time off to enjoy the serene surroundings by the lake for a moment.

Pix and some nice things about Kunming,China courtesy of Su Ann.

Wednesday, April 2

French Language Week KL

It's French Language Week in KL!

Was rubbing shoulders with the French consulate and other ambassadors at yesterday's evening cocktail party held at Carcosa Seri Negara.

The event was held to officiate French Language Week in KL as well as to promote some French courses in various colleges & uni in our country.

A prize giving ceremony ensued after the speech by France ambassador Mr. Alain du Boispéan whereby they awarded our local students who did well in universities around France.

The evening continued with a free flow of wine & some weird french finger food admist French men (and beauties) in the beautiful surroundings of Carcosa.

Check out the guided tour & food festival from 1st till 6th April at Muzium Negara.