Tuesday, March 16

On Stage : An Honest Mistake at City Harvest KL

An Honest Mistake was invited to perform for 2 nights at CHCKL's Bridging Colors : Friends Nite

Here we are set to rock the place!

Here's the opening:

Colorful it is!

Included in this set is a new song which of course has the most random name ever:
I Have A Hole In My Skinnies And That's How We Roll

Many first timers were here and I actually overheard them saying that THIS IS THE COOLEST CHURCH IN MALAYSIA!

Some hair-works by Redgy Coiffure

That's me infusing synth efx into AHM tunes

Here's the hot radio single that everyone's waiting for:
This Song Is So Random, I Don't Know Why

Besides the band and other great performances, we also witness a YoYo champ in our midst:

Our pro-photographer friend, Ewin participated in '30 seconds To Fame' and blew us all away with his YoYo skills which won himself vouchers to Haagen- Dazs.

Now go stalk him for some ice cream =p

Crowd was awesome on both nights

Thanks to all the bloGstArs that came, your support means a whole lot!

Tuesday, March 9

On Stage : An Honest Mistake at StudioC Live

Rocked the stage with An Honest Mistake [www.anhonestmistakeband.com]
last Saturday nite at KL Life Centre for StudioC Live

Emcee Arabyrd introducing the band

'Imma tell u 'ONE TIME' ...Darren - AHM Frontman

 My 'lockstar' bro - Leonard

Danny with his RM 12k violin....watch him JUMP in the video at 0:24secs

First gig with AHM's new bassist - Kevin Tan

The most colorful pix of the nite

 Here's one of the singles we played that nite, which is currently on the airwaves

This Song Is So Random, I Don't Know Why 
(That's the title of the song...seriously)

Thanks to all the photographers, bloggers and fans that came to support us. =)

pix courtesy of Bryan & Ewin

Saturday, March 6

On The Road: Strawberry Land

It's our annual CNY trip and this year, we chose to head over to Cameron Highlands to escape from the scorching heat.

Clockwise - Florence, Me, Sue & Alvin

Strawberries are a MUST-HAVE

Taking a walk up to the BOH Tea Centre

Some splendid shots of us by Alvin with his Lumix LX-3 cam

Breathtaking view of the mountains

That's us trying to breathe-in as much mountain-fresh air as possible

Teatime at the tea centre 

Trying our hands on plucking tea leaves

On our way back the next day, we popped by Teluk Intan for lunch

At Teluk Intan's Leaning Tower  

Amazing architectural feat during the 1800's ..this tower started tilting just 3 yrs after it was built and remained that way till now.

That's Sue trying to get cheeky with us

A Paws-perous New Year


It's the new year and I've been slacking on my blog updates.
Thanks to Twitter , all those 140 char update makes maintaining a blog so old-school.

Anyway, here's something to catch up on what happened in the previous months.


Visited Colmar Tropicale a.k.a Berjaya Hills with Florence on a January weekend

View from our suite

Pix taking at the foot of the tower

Hamsap duck/swan ..keep wanting to bite my butt!

Oops...caught Twitpic-ing at the Japanese Tea Garden

Florence at the medieval French Village

Something's sure is blooming........ =)


Then came... Gong Xi Fa Cai

The rawwrsome Lion Dance at Aunt Vivien's place

Angpow from my cousin -Cathy

Catching up with ex-schoolmates over our annual Loh Sang dinner

Another annual event; sing 'K' session with the gals and Wan Chean