Saturday, March 6

On The Road: Strawberry Land

It's our annual CNY trip and this year, we chose to head over to Cameron Highlands to escape from the scorching heat.

Clockwise - Florence, Me, Sue & Alvin

Strawberries are a MUST-HAVE

Taking a walk up to the BOH Tea Centre

Some splendid shots of us by Alvin with his Lumix LX-3 cam

Breathtaking view of the mountains

That's us trying to breathe-in as much mountain-fresh air as possible

Teatime at the tea centre 

Trying our hands on plucking tea leaves

On our way back the next day, we popped by Teluk Intan for lunch

At Teluk Intan's Leaning Tower  

Amazing architectural feat during the 1800's ..this tower started tilting just 3 yrs after it was built and remained that way till now.

That's Sue trying to get cheeky with us


Leonard said...

I thought i can see some clearer and bigger picture of SUE.

But all baldwin n florence Shiok Sendiri pose.. ish.

Nick Chang journal said...

honey moon before married...nice trip!!haha...congratz!!

Baldwin said...

@Leo: my blog sure feature Florence lar..for Sue's pix, go ask from Alvin

@Nick: honey moon?...LOL!

Alvin said...

Leonard: For more shiok sendiri pose of baldwin.....please contact!!! Cabutzzz!!

Florence said...

@Baldwin : Now I see why you said Alvin'll blackmail you with pictures. Hahaha, I think I know which pic he wants to send to Leo. ;p

Nick Chang journal said...

so sweet,man...
married photo-shoot!!!