Tuesday, March 9

On Stage : An Honest Mistake at StudioC Live

Rocked the stage with An Honest Mistake [www.anhonestmistakeband.com]
last Saturday nite at KL Life Centre for StudioC Live

Emcee Arabyrd introducing the band

'Imma tell u 'ONE TIME' ...Darren - AHM Frontman

 My 'lockstar' bro - Leonard

Danny with his RM 12k violin....watch him JUMP in the video at 0:24secs

First gig with AHM's new bassist - Kevin Tan

The most colorful pix of the nite

 Here's one of the singles we played that nite, which is currently on the airwaves

This Song Is So Random, I Don't Know Why 
(That's the title of the song...seriously)

Thanks to all the photographers, bloggers and fans that came to support us. =)

pix courtesy of Bryan & Ewin

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Anonymous said...

Now ah....U don;t even have time for your buddy edi la....celebrity liao ppl!! Hehehe!