Friday, August 29

Negaraku; 51 Years Of Piracy??

As a tribute to our nation for 51 years of Independence, I present to you our national anthem - Negaraku in a slightly different form.

Our national anthem was somehow a direct copy and hope nobody would ever find out forever borrowed from a 1940s band "Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders" which entitled Mamula Moon

No wonder we're so good at pirating stuff like dvd's & cd's...[Since 1957]

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke-51 !

Wednesday, August 27

Fast & Furious (2009) Exclusive Trailer Premiere

Callin' all ye motor-heads out there! Be ready for the 4th sequel of Fast & Furious.

Vin Diesel is back teaming up with Paul Walker on this high-octane action thriller. Directed by Justin Lin, this ultimate chapter of the franchise built on speed promises what we loved from the beginning; Hot Cars & Hot Babes.

From convoy heists to precision tunnel crawls across international lines, expect to see more exotic cars flooring across Los Angeles through to the Mexican desert pushing the limits on what's possible behind the wheel.

Fast & Furious will be released on June 5th, 2009.

Sunday, August 24

Garaa Rufa Fish Spa In Seremban

After much curiosity, Jon who was bumming having his holidays decided we should have a go at the garaa rufa fish spa treatment.

Reading up the articles about this treatment, you can even bathe in with the fishes at some places for a complete body treatment to get rid off the dead skin cells all around. *wonders what might happen if it bites at the wrong places*

Anyway, I thought it would just be a relaxing therapeutic treatment but to my horror, it was soooo ticklish, I cant even keep my feet in the water for 10 seconds straight. This treatment is more like a TORTURE!

Not FUNNY at all, k!

It felt as though the fishes were drilling, scraping and doing some construction work on my feet; and mind you, my feet is NOT in such bad shape that it required such massive works.

Jon was not doing any better either and while at it, he even planned to smack the fishes with his feet or maybe throw some of it into the frying pan and have it for supper.... *lol

The nice people at the spa were kind not to take into account the first 10 mins of our treatment as we literally squealed, giggled and made a fool of ourselves by clowning around.

I was expecting the school of fishes to die from choking on my dead skin cells but looks like they survived!

Wednesday, August 20

Avril Lavigne Concert Cancelled

UPDATED [Aug 23]: Avril's concert WILL GO ON as planned.

Avril's concert has been CANCELLED!

Excerpts from TheStar Online :

" Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Shafie Apdal said that the concert falls during the nation's independence period and was not a suitable time to hold such a concert.

There are a lot of events on Aug 29 and the Ministry does not want the independence and the near Ramadan month to be filled with such pop and rock culture, he said.
"As the Minister of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage, we should be instilling good culture in the young but here we are allowing other parties to organise things. "

Something tells me Avril's fans are not too happy......

Indeed our gov. holds true the Malaysia Boleh spirit by CANCELLING this concert just slightly over a week before concert day.

But of course there's better things to look forward to like the EMERGE 2008 Conference which is gonna be held nightly at the Sunway Convention Centre from 29-31st August.

Best of all its FREE!

Check out the opening of last year's EMERGE:

Concert & Life Changing experience happens nightly!


Tuesday, August 19

A Stellar Dinner With Hannah Tan

It was indeed a pleasure to dine with our very own celebrity - Hannah Tan.

One would usually brand celebrities as the snobbish & playing hard-to-get type, but this was definitely not the case with Hannah as I soon found out. This singer-songwriter, actress & television personality is sweet, humble and down to earth, it feels just like chatting with the girl-next-door. *smiles*

While having Hannah to wait for our arrival is already bad enough, she had to move to a larger dining table while halfway indulging into her meal just to accomodate the few of us. Looking at our hungry faces, she even offered her share of food to us while we were awaiting our food orders. *I can't even see myself being so kind.....hmmm.

Her very capable assistant Jess was also a friendly-lot and was really helpful by recommending the 'must-try' stuff of the restaurant, while I was still clouded by a surreal feeling that I AM actually dining with Hannah Tan!

Reymee of Innuendo (heard of Belaian Jiwa?...he's one of the group members of this vocal powerhouse in the 90's); was also there and we engaged in some small talks while getting to know each other. He's another down to earth guy with vast experience in vocals and music production and I was enthralled by his views on today's vocal talents. Together with Hannah, they're working out on her latest album of which I'm highly anticipating.

According to this World Congress on Information and Technology (WCIT) 2008 & Animax Asia ambassador, the latest album will feature all of her own composition and is due to be released really soon. This 2nd album after Crossing Bridges will reflect more on herself, and her enthusiasm on things she's most passionate about.

Thanks to Hannah for the fabulous dinner treat as it was definitely a memorable experience dining with a star who is all into making the diffence by Touching hearts, Impacting Lives & Inspiring Dreams along her road to success.

*smiles widely* =)

Monday, August 18

EMERGE 08 : Go-Kart Challenge

Race Day finally came!

After a short briefing by Azlan on the 'need-to-know' stuff bout karting, we were off to the tracks.

V.U. Supporters cheering on!

Leo was selected to race with the 1st group of competitors. Coming in on 3rd place, he soon found out his skills kart was not really up to par.

While he quickly returned to join the other supporters after his run....

...came my turn to tear down the tracks.

On the starting grid after 2 quick practice laps.

3..2..1.. and we're off!

Driving the turbocharged & NOS equipped fast kart, I was leading slightly over half a lap as I was having fun pushing the kart to its limits on every apex around the track.

*evil grin*

Getting all high on the constant rush of adrenaline, it was all smooth sailing until....

...I decided to head for the "imaginary pit stop" to refill petrol, go washroom, wash face, buy Sundae cone and munch on some french fries just before the final lap.

I just STOPPED and let 2 karts zoomed by JUST LIKE THAT!

The rest was history. V.U Supporters were stunned & speechless, and so was I.


Controversial huh?

*pix courtesy of Delvin*

Monday, August 11


Netizens' would have tried out or at least noticed the latest Facebook interface.


against the NEW

My rating: -_-

Got difference meh?

Friday, August 8

08.08.08 - Beijing Olympics 2008 - Info, Pictures & Video Preview of the Opening Ceremony

Today's the day! 8th August 2008; 8:08pm is when the One World, One Dream Beijing 2008 Olympics would kick off.

Despite gaining worldwide publicity over the earthquake, typhoon, haze conditions & protestors who threatened to boycott the olympics, China promises the people of the world that everything will still go on & it would be an eventful one as planned.

The 80,000 capacity 'bird-nest' Beijing National Stadium all lighted up for the night.

Superstars like Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Liu Huan & Jay Chou will be performing tonight among some 15,000 performers with 29,000 fireworks due to be released into the night sky lighting up the passion to the hundreds of thousands of spectators in the National Stadium, as well as treating the hundreds of millions of people outside to a spectacular performance.

The 'cube'-shaped Aquatics Centre

Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympics

'Fuwa' dolls are the official mascots for this year's Olympics as they are considered as ‘good-luck dolls’ in China. Five ‘Fuwa’ dolls: Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini- in different colors represent the five different-colored Olympics rings and Chinese culture.

The five names of Fuwa dolls makes up the sentence “Beijing welcomes you”. Interesting? u know.

Pictures of the rehearsals:

Finally, as faithful readers of my blog, you're in for a treat as I present to you.....a leaked video of the Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony,..hours before the real thing kicks off.

Do remember to stay glued in front of your TV sets tonight at 8 p.m for the real thing!

Friday, August 1

So You Think You Can Dance - Grand Finals Pix - CC is the Champ!

Congratulations to CC who has just been crowned as the WINNER of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 2.

More pix of the grand finals featuring CC, Sim, Hong & Black right here

Found my way into Ruums an hour before showtime and mingled among the judges and host when all the guests were still queing up a level below. *hehe..

60 minutes before showtime


The Top 4 Contestants of So You Think You Can Dance - Season 2

Zainal Abidin & his entourage doing the opening

Sim & Black + CC & Hong

CC & Sim

*rawwrrrrrrr..... Hong dubbed as soulful & poetic by Ramli Ibrahim

Moments - CC & Black dancing to "No Air"

Outstanding performance by the guys - Black & Hong

Black doing his 'praying-mantis' moves

Solo performance by CC

Sim ends her mischief solo performance with a 'snip'

And the winner of SYTYCD Season 2 goes to .............

Cecilia !

Lotsa hugs from the Top 20 Contestants

Hugs works best - CC & Family

Alam - (Winner of SYTYCD; Season 1) & CC

A Proud & happy dad!

Hong's 'paiseh' pose
for his fans

Looking for other reasons why CC won this competition besides her stunning dance moves? Read all about her huge fanbase & high budget merchandises here