Tuesday, August 19

A Stellar Dinner With Hannah Tan

It was indeed a pleasure to dine with our very own celebrity - Hannah Tan.

One would usually brand celebrities as the snobbish & playing hard-to-get type, but this was definitely not the case with Hannah as I soon found out. This singer-songwriter, actress & television personality is sweet, humble and down to earth, it feels just like chatting with the girl-next-door. *smiles*

While having Hannah to wait for our arrival is already bad enough, she had to move to a larger dining table while halfway indulging into her meal just to accomodate the few of us. Looking at our hungry faces, she even offered her share of food to us while we were awaiting our food orders. *I can't even see myself being so kind.....hmmm.

Her very capable assistant Jess was also a friendly-lot and was really helpful by recommending the 'must-try' stuff of the restaurant, while I was still clouded by a surreal feeling that I AM actually dining with Hannah Tan!

Reymee of Innuendo (heard of Belaian Jiwa?...he's one of the group members of this vocal powerhouse in the 90's); was also there and we engaged in some small talks while getting to know each other. He's another down to earth guy with vast experience in vocals and music production and I was enthralled by his views on today's vocal talents. Together with Hannah, they're working out on her latest album of which I'm highly anticipating.

According to this World Congress on Information and Technology (WCIT) 2008 & Animax Asia ambassador, the latest album will feature all of her own composition and is due to be released really soon. This 2nd album after Crossing Bridges will reflect more on herself, and her enthusiasm on things she's most passionate about.

Thanks to Hannah for the fabulous dinner treat as it was definitely a memorable experience dining with a star who is all into making the diffence by Touching hearts, Impacting Lives & Inspiring Dreams along her road to success.

*smiles widely* =)

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