Monday, August 18

EMERGE 08 : Go-Kart Challenge

Race Day finally came!

After a short briefing by Azlan on the 'need-to-know' stuff bout karting, we were off to the tracks.

V.U. Supporters cheering on!

Leo was selected to race with the 1st group of competitors. Coming in on 3rd place, he soon found out his skills kart was not really up to par.

While he quickly returned to join the other supporters after his run....

...came my turn to tear down the tracks.

On the starting grid after 2 quick practice laps.

3..2..1.. and we're off!

Driving the turbocharged & NOS equipped fast kart, I was leading slightly over half a lap as I was having fun pushing the kart to its limits on every apex around the track.

*evil grin*

Getting all high on the constant rush of adrenaline, it was all smooth sailing until....

...I decided to head for the "imaginary pit stop" to refill petrol, go washroom, wash face, buy Sundae cone and munch on some french fries just before the final lap.

I just STOPPED and let 2 karts zoomed by JUST LIKE THAT!

The rest was history. V.U Supporters were stunned & speechless, and so was I.


Controversial huh?

*pix courtesy of Delvin*

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sally said...

wat happen la???aiyoo!!hahaha