Monday, April 27

Porsche Club Charity Drive

Though I've previously had a few units of these Porsche's in my garage,it was short-lived due to my poor driving skills in the Need For Speed sequels,*laughs* I now finally get to lay my hands on the REAL thing.

Joining the Porsche Club on their Social Drive over the weekend.

Sharing their 10 years of passion & enthusiasm, the Porsche Club Malaysia, organized this weekend drive not only to showcase their cars, but it doubles up as a charity event for orphanages.

Line-up of the sexy German babes

With more than 400 members, the Porsche Club of Malaysia, which is affiliated to Porsche AG Germany, it is the local grouping of like minded individuals who share the passion for the Porsche marquee.

Founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, Porsche is also known for designing the first Volkswagen, hence the familiar fronts on earlier models.

Check out the fluid-smooth body curves

Even their 'behind' never fails to turn heads.

This 996 GT3 belongs to the President of the club - Datuk Ali Abd Kadir

The evergreen classic 911 models

And finally, my very favourite, all clad in white, the Cayman S

Tuesday, April 14

Easter Weekend with David Archuleta

Thanks to Jamie.

Read up her >>adventurous tale << in efforts to get to David Archuleta at Sunway Amphitheatre.

Meet Ms. Jamie...

All smiles and camwhoring in my car for being able to go see David Archuleta

When we arrive........

Here we are at the gates trying to "sneak-in" to the amphitheatre. Die-hard pathetic fans braved the heavy downpour just to see their idol.

Part of the 6,000 people crowd.

Here's David, as seen from the VIP seatings:

He sang....

and sang...

and make the girls go all crazy...

David's on Yamaha too... xD

then suddenly... David 'sakit-perut' coz of too much roti canai & teh tarik... *lol

Anyway, here's some videos for all u fans out there:

Pix courtesy of Jamie; while Videos are thanks to Henri

Saturday, April 11

Music-Man LIVE in KL

Finally got my passes to attend Lee Hom's concert this coming 2nd May as I've been wanting to go for his concerts since 2005 but didnt manage to till now.

I'm actually skipping my cousin's wedding dinner due to this.... *evil grin*

My double passes to Lee Hom's concert

Looks like the HOManiacs here are planning some stuff to celebrate the star's 33rd birthday and the fan club's 10th anniversary. Check out the fan site here

Time for me to start Hom-ing the lyrics.
Anyone wanna write me the "han yue pin yin"?

Friday, April 10

Lenses To Dye For


My new pair of glasses fitted with the much talked about Transitions VI lenses.

Difference is that these lenses changes from a clear lens to a dark sunglasses kinda tint when it comes into contact with UV Rays.

These Transitions lenses contain patented photochromic dyes which cause the lens to activate - or darken - when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight. When the UV light diminishes, the lenses fade back to clear. As outdoor light conditions change, the level of darkness adjusts, creating just the right level of tint and allowing just the right amount of light to enter the eyes at any given time.

Lenses darken in less than 10 seconds when exposed to the sun which offers UV 400 protection

In short, they quickly darken when I'm outdoors. Step back inside and they quickly fade back to clear.

That's not all, these are also Crizal lenses by Essilor which wouldn't smudge, scratch, nor glare due to it's 2 sided Diamond-like zirconium oxide lens which are scratch resistant, anti-reflective and with hydrophobic technologies which repels water, dirt, dust, and even oil.

Cool huh?

Though it cost me more than 3 times of what my usual spectacles does, it's definitely worth it.

Read more about Transitions lenses here

Thursday, April 9

Updates - Week 15

It's For U -For U-Nite a.k.a Cell Group BIG DAY at CHEC last saturday.

That's my cell leader - Jin Chong on a 90 degree pose.

Me, Sandra, Sebastian, Leo & Addy

The taikor's of our cell

the sweetest girls of our cell; except Jin & Chris

*frust* Ran outta batteries on my cam before the event started, but there were loads of fun, food and games that nite. Read more of it on my brother's blog here


Took 2 days off from work to bring my relatives for a visit to Genting & Melaka

Pix taken in Genting's Casino. Not gambling in there; just that I heard some live music being played from within, so went in and sat at this cafe to check it out while observing how people actually lose their fortunes by donating $$$ to Uncle Lim.

Off to Melaka the next day......

Tasted the not-so-tasty Chicken Rice Balls located in a corner of Jonker Street.

The latest attraction in this Historical City; The Eye On Malaysia; previously in Tasik Titiwangsa, KL has now moved to Melaka.

Menara Taming Sari Revolving Tower & The Eye On Malaysia

Loads of memories riding on 'the eye' while it was in KL.

Then did some shopping at Padini Concept Store which opened not too long ago in Dataran Pahlawan Mall;

Got my PADINI member card on the spot to enjoy some discounts

pssst... I also did a bit of camwhoring in the fitting room with various outfits of which am not quite sure if I should post it here. *lol*

Sunday, April 5

An Evening Of Jazz & Funk At Alexis

Got invited by Victor to join him for 'some jazz band' session at Alexis.

Alexis @ Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang

Was just anticipating some regular jazz band but little did I know that drums guru - Lewis Pragasam is playing!

Though much is said about his drumming being excessive, I personally prefer Lewis' drumming, partly due to the fact he played for David Tao's Soul Power Concert of which it's still one of my favourites till today; and also while being all pop/mainstream, he's flexible enough to be groovin' with the jazz, funk and R&B stuff without a slight hint that his signature styles are overlapping on either genre's.

Expect nothing less from the founder of Asiabeat project whose recordings and performances are now legendary in the merging of Asian and Western musical styles

Shanghai dude- Eric Lee [pianist], Zailan Razak on bass & Lewis on drums

Joye Carter got the venue all jazzed up

My drum-idol - Lewis Pragasam

Zailan, Joye, trombone-dude, Eric, myself & Lewis

Saturday, April 4

Go Court laaa..

Attended a court hearing in Seremban for my brother's traffic summons he received for driving with too many hot girls and in excess speed of 200 km/h getting rear-ended last year.

Was upset he got summoned when he was the one who kena 'bang' so we decided to take this case to court.

Seremban 2 - Magistrate Court

One could probably guess the productivity level of the staff at our local courthouse when they've gotta be REMINDED at the main entrance of the courthouse itself.
Didn't you spot it???..

Look at the pix below.

Now u see! On 2 main pillars somemore..

Enuff' of "jom kite gi minum teh dulu", get to work people!!

Next hearing in 6 months time... =.="