Sunday, April 5

An Evening Of Jazz & Funk At Alexis

Got invited by Victor to join him for 'some jazz band' session at Alexis.

Alexis @ Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang

Was just anticipating some regular jazz band but little did I know that drums guru - Lewis Pragasam is playing!

Though much is said about his drumming being excessive, I personally prefer Lewis' drumming, partly due to the fact he played for David Tao's Soul Power Concert of which it's still one of my favourites till today; and also while being all pop/mainstream, he's flexible enough to be groovin' with the jazz, funk and R&B stuff without a slight hint that his signature styles are overlapping on either genre's.

Expect nothing less from the founder of Asiabeat project whose recordings and performances are now legendary in the merging of Asian and Western musical styles

Shanghai dude- Eric Lee [pianist], Zailan Razak on bass & Lewis on drums

Joye Carter got the venue all jazzed up

My drum-idol - Lewis Pragasam

Zailan, Joye, trombone-dude, Eric, myself & Lewis


EVo said...

Oiii!never heard of lewis pragasam but now i ur into drums eh?

Btw RTC.. Erm my starts with an 'S' lor so u can start to guess hahaaa...

eh where where my pics start surfacing wei? *paranoid*

Baldwin said...

me not into drums..jst the synthesizer.

'S' brand huh?..*lolx