Saturday, April 4

Go Court laaa..

Attended a court hearing in Seremban for my brother's traffic summons he received for driving with too many hot girls and in excess speed of 200 km/h getting rear-ended last year.

Was upset he got summoned when he was the one who kena 'bang' so we decided to take this case to court.

Seremban 2 - Magistrate Court

One could probably guess the productivity level of the staff at our local courthouse when they've gotta be REMINDED at the main entrance of the courthouse itself.
Didn't you spot it???..

Look at the pix below.

Now u see! On 2 main pillars somemore..

Enuff' of "jom kite gi minum teh dulu", get to work people!!

Next hearing in 6 months time... =.="


Nick Chang journal said...

our malaysia government is like tat de la....they will do work when get bonus... they like kerja sambil sembang....

Gwennie said...

lol..eeyer. this leonard ah. tsktsk.

i am for who i am said...

heh what? apalah nie dah sampai ke majiastrate court