Monday, October 29

What Makes A Person Happy ?

Remember the times when you were a kid and so carefree that everything is simply beautiful in the world?

Have one pondered on where moments like these have gone?

Usual responses to this could be due to studies, work, additional responsibilities and the list goes on, but have we subconciously allowed it to rob us of our joy?

So, what are the factors that makes a grown-up happy?

Here are some random reasons that crossed my mind :

1. For some (or maybe most of us), its money!

Somehow we think we could buy ourselves everything we ever wanted and be happy, but then the greed for money has turned many people's lives from fantasy into a nightmare.

2. Spending quality time with your loved ones & friends.

This is quite true as a new psychology movement says the happiest people surround themselves with family and friends. Nothing beats the love and warmth of a family.

3. FoodHaving a good meal has proven time and time again (esp. in our land) that we are a bunch of happy and noisy people when we're at the dining table.

Beyond all this random factors that contributes to one's happiness, sometimes its not the huge things that matters, but the smaller details in life, like a cup of Starbucks Rasberry Ice-Blended, that did wonders by being able to keep one at the top of the world for more than a day and grinning from ear to ear.

Never did it cross my mind that somethin' small like this would enable me to witness the sweetest smile that's simply priceless and amazing.

Something that's so pure, sincere and child-like joy emerged from that babyface. Her eyes sparkled like the brightest stars on a dark night and the joy that fills her heart feels as beautiful as one watches a rainbow that comes after the rain with the beaming sun that brings a feeling of both warmth and serenity.

That's happiness in its purest form.

Thursday, October 25

Bitchfight at Times Square KL

What do you get when u put two angry women together?..

Watch this:

..and guys..pls dont ever try to interfere when there's a bitchfight coz you ought to get..."hit" by these WWF ladies!

Tuesday, October 23

Sexy Mermaid & Tasty Mother In-Laws For Sale !

Was havin' dinner wit Jon & his uni mates at a CINA (pronounced "chee-nahh") restaurant when we stumbled upon this on the menu :

Fancy a Sexy Mermaid for only RM11.50; or a Mother in-Law for less than 10 bucks!

I doubt its tasty as suggested by the menu... =p

Even bank taglines are found in this very interesting menu.

and this... a print out of everything that resembles a receipt, but it begs to differ...

And no...we didnt bring home any sexy mermaids nor mother in-laws that nite.

Tuesday, October 16


One hero took a corner too fast in front of the Club where I work thinkin he was driving an F1, and resulted in this:

An overturned Iswara aeroback

Mat Iswara: Jom...kito tekan lajuu..lajuu ...kejor mat motor kat dopan tu ha!

Interesting as it is, the driver happens to have no drivers' licence and quickly made a statement that the other guy drove the car. Nobody died in this mishap though.

Here's a video clip showing the consequences of skipping the red lights.
This happened in Taiwan and the dude on the bike was killed on the spot.

Drive & Ride Safe People!

Monday, October 15

Raya Buzz -Day 3 -Loh's Birthday Dinner

Last day of holidays & still havent got enough from the 3 days break from work, Leo and I went down to KL again....this time to celebrate Loh's birthday!

Happy Birthday Loh !
He's none other than my couzy Cathy's hubby, who is ever so humble, jovial and down to earth even from the first day I knew him bout 8 years ago..

Dinner's at Jogoya Japanese Restaurant in Starhill.

This is one buffet restaurant u've gotta check out!

It's one with the largest variety of Japanese food u can find on a buffet spread. Though they do not allow camera's in their premise, nothing could quite escape the Carl-Zeiss lens of my N2.... *evil grin*

The place is just flowing with salmon, sashimi's, fresh oysters, and gawwdd..EVERYTHING! The tubs of Haagen Dazs ice creams seemed endless...people were just scooping and scooping till no end. There's also a free-flow of a vast variety of drinks at one corner.

For the premium price they charge at RM 88++, its definitely worth to spoil yourself at times with such glorious variety of food.
At the end of our meal ,we were so full but barely tried 3 types of the dessert spread or even 50% of what was served in the restaurant.

Look closely and u'll see that even at an upmarket diners like this one, u can find that there are actually food for VIP MEMBERS ONLY !

A unique dining ambience for large crowds and couples alike. Check out the huge dining area:

and also the private dinner cubicle for couples:

There's also rooms for a more private family event in which this is the one that we are housed in.

This is one unique "No Entry" signage.

Ok..enough of the restaurant....

Here's my couzy' Cathy, ...we literally grew up together and spent like nearly every school holidays together in PD doin crazy stuff with another cousin of ours -Kristin who's now in Australia. Cathy is actually 3 years older than me but doesn't she still looks young?

This is the happy family... L-R: Matthew, Loh, Cathy and Marcus

That's Leo and I with Cathy & Loh

Definitely an enjoyable meal and good time spent together as we could sometimes get too caught up with our daily lives and put aside times for a family gathering like this.

Sunday, October 14

Raya Buzz -Day 2

Had an awesome time at CHCKL today with 2 cars goin all the way to Sunway and guess who so semangat wanna drive there?..

Its Jon Wong.... now known as Harvest Wong coz' since studying in some jungle in JB, and attending the City Harvest Outreach, he's a completely changed guy, totally on-fire for Jesus and actively engaging the people around. Brought along some friends with us (rather not mention names for anti-nuisance purposes) and of course PeArLz. (pronounced as "pearl-zee")

After attending CHCKL for a few times now, PeArLz has decided to make the life changing decision of accepting Jesus into her life today in the cell gathering! How wonderful! Another one added into the kingdom of God.

That's our cell -E13. Pearly is 2nd from Left (standing)

Later in the evening, Chris and Angela joined us to go check out the Gardens (a new mall beside Mid Valley) which houses quite a number of reputable boutiques as well as plenty of leaky pipelines in and around the mall.
Leo and Addy went modelling in the fitting rooms with Chris and Angela doin the same while Zee and I went and indulge ourselves in some Baskin Robbins ice-cream...*yummmmyyy*

Before we knew it, its dinner time as well as Leo's most dreadful moment as we all decided to go eat at Sushi King while he hates it..

Saturday, October 13

Raya Buzz -Day 1 -Nite Hangout

...a continuation from my hill-climbing adventure earlier in the evening....

We mamak-ed at A&W with some buddies when nightfalls - thanks to Jon Wong who called for this hang out session and picking us up, we totally packed his car in which the journey from home to town was as wild as a roller-coaster ride.. *hehe..*
An over intake of food + sugar made the session really crazy with lame jokes and unimaginable non-sensical ideas popping out every moment.

Firstly, u get to see a preview of Jon Wong a.k.a. Harvest Wong showing us his latest official "Senyap" sign (soon to be in cinema's and libraries all over Msia):

Then Addy found her long lost twin in Adrian's phone!

Leo and Jon finally found out they were meant for each other in this most GAY pix:

Christine revealed her secret hobby of taking pix of "rubbish" (with her cute lil purse) :

...and here's Leo showing us how most common Friendster pix are taken (one hand on the cam while u try to squeeze nearer to the other person) :

As you can see here, Jon is goin through some identity crisis between being the old Jon Wong or the culture-engaging (new hairdo) ~ Harvest Wong.

Finally, some decent shots of us all :

Hang out session with the 'seniors' has never been this fun for such a long time!
All of us knew the reason behind it is because we chose not to hang out with crazy emo people, but a new generation of people who loves God and loves people which what the society needs today; People who doesnt just speak Christianese, but truly shows His love by engaging the people in the world.

Raya Buzz -Day 1

Sirion and I decided to go do some hill-climbing on a lazy saturday evening during this long weekend break.

Our targeted spot

Mind u, its just not any other hill, this is the one overlooking S2 and parts of Seremban town area..i think i shall call it the 'Kepayang Hill' since its located there.

As the initial lazy idea was to drive up, we found ourselves limited to walking instead and my friend here is all ready to conquer the hills with a pair of.......sandals!

The journey up which is slightly over 1 km is really NOT u can see from the pix, older aunty and uncles are making their way so quickly while Sirion and I are literally CRAWLING up the really steep gradients while keepin an eye on monkeys that might come mob us. Even families with kids are running up the hill as though its the living room of their homes!

Our torture finally ended after 25 mins of constant motivation to each other of how old people can do it ...and when we've finally reached the top, its' all worth the climb coz of the cool breezy wind and a great scenic view of both S2 and the classic Seremban town.

View of S2

View of Seremban town we are - Proud climbers !