Saturday, October 13

Raya Buzz -Day 1

Sirion and I decided to go do some hill-climbing on a lazy saturday evening during this long weekend break.

Our targeted spot

Mind u, its just not any other hill, this is the one overlooking S2 and parts of Seremban town area..i think i shall call it the 'Kepayang Hill' since its located there.

As the initial lazy idea was to drive up, we found ourselves limited to walking instead and my friend here is all ready to conquer the hills with a pair of.......sandals!

The journey up which is slightly over 1 km is really NOT u can see from the pix, older aunty and uncles are making their way so quickly while Sirion and I are literally CRAWLING up the really steep gradients while keepin an eye on monkeys that might come mob us. Even families with kids are running up the hill as though its the living room of their homes!

Our torture finally ended after 25 mins of constant motivation to each other of how old people can do it ...and when we've finally reached the top, its' all worth the climb coz of the cool breezy wind and a great scenic view of both S2 and the classic Seremban town.

View of S2

View of Seremban town we are - Proud climbers !

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