Thursday, October 4

My 26th Birthday

Firstly...I'd like to thank ALL of you who sent me birthday greetings & wishes....and its like a WHOLE load of it to my suprise =) not forgetting belated ones which are still comin' in today... *its' never too late..*

Some even sang on the phone while some did some voice MMS thingy which suprised me.

Well, my birthday treat kinda started the evening before, with my buddy driving me to Nilai for some reallly delicious Hong Kong food which he highly recommends. For our journey home, we decided to do something out of the usual and took the long way home which is through the backroads of Nilai that are the darkest and most narrow roads in which you wont wanna be driving at nite...and while at it..he actually turned off his car headlights while I used my camera-phone's so called 'flash' light to illuminate the pitch-dark road ahead of us and scaring motorcyclist as well as oncoming cars.. *evil grin* 'who says u cant do crazy things at this age? '

Then comes the big day... Got up to find that sms and missed calls are flooding my phone's display. I later drove to KL with Sue Ann and Grace thinking of doin some camwhoring, which I did..after meeting up my aunt and bumping into my cousin coincidentally on some random streets in the city where they treated me lunch and also gave me a birthday ang pow as a bonus... hehe*

After that, its off to the new mall in town called Pavilion which sadly, resembles the Berjaya Times Square in terms of shop layouts albeit classier tenants, but its just all mixed as in getting some "lala" shops within just steps away from Topshop. *get the idea* ?

Later in the evening, we had dinner in Monte's @ BSC with my bro and a special guest - Pearly; Totally enjoyed myself in the company of friends who were rather creative in suprising me with my birthday present and a starbucks muffin with an unlit candle (thanks to Leo) while riding on the "Eye On Malaysia". Happened to also meet ah yaw and Eunice paktoring in the vicinity.

Once again, thank you all so much for making my birthday a memorable one!

Here's a short clip on some of the pix taken:

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