Wednesday, November 26

Post: Asia Conference

Had an awesome 5 days conference held at Singapore Expo.

Joining 13,000 delegates from 72 nations; This is the place where the mundane and destiny meets.

Expo Hall 8; Mingling among the crowd in excess of 25,000+ people.

Besides the awesome and inspiring sessions by world-class speakers, there were also elective workshops between main sessions.

One of it is this workshop conducted by David Yem & Sidney Mohede on the topic of Dynamics of a Worship Band.

With David & Sidney after the elective session

Don Moen was also invited to this conference

After all the awe-inspiring sessions, we went out camwhoring around Singapore city on Saturday morning.

From Orchard Rd.

to Vivo City.......

and even into Sentosa Island.

Also managed to met up with Joseph Loh a.k.a David Tao of Bintulu & Seremban.

Joseph is a long time friend of mine which has 'mysteriously' disappeared into the lion city for slightly more than a year now.

JJ Lin's performance & personal testimony of his life.

All good things must come to an end; but its just the beginning of the transformation

As usual , here we are singing; "That's What Friends Are For" as the conference came to a close.

Here we are at Golden Mile Complex making our way back to KL

Thank you City Harvest for blessing over 1000 people from CHCKL to attend this life-changing conference!

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Tuesday, November 18

Asia Conference 2008

The long anticipated week is finally here!!!

I'm currently away for a week in Singapore for Asia Conference.

Be back with updates! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 12

A World Of Possibilities

Seeing the recent change in the US Presidential history, it has dawned upon me that anything is possible nowadays.

Barack Obama has Kenyan parentage; an American mother, he had an Indonesian stepfather, he lived in Indonesia and has Malaysian relatives. Interesting?

Young, not tainted and full of ideas, Barack Obama has shown the world that Americans chooses the best man for the job regardless of skin color and what shines most about him is that he's multicultural and is willing to talk to anybody and to listen and solve. That is what the world today needs!

Though we might not be running for the Presidential post, let us always dare to believe and innovate new ideas as there's a whole world of possibilities.

Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Make your dreams come true by daring to dream & believe the unbelievable for it's power is enormous!

Tuesday, November 11

Kingston Thumbdrive - FAIL!

If you think you're having a bad day, check out what happened to my friend when he's just about to do a presentation.

While inserting the thumbdrive into the USB port like usual, the thing just BROKE into pieces, exposing its 'heart' which rendered it useless.

Kingston 2gb thumbdrive for RM1. All parts sold separately. =p

I.T Lesson of the day: Dont' overly rely on your thumbdrive; for it might just 'snap'.

Monday, November 10

007 - Quantum Of Solace

Watched Mr.Bond in his latest release last week on it's premiere nite.

The shortlived 'Bond' girls in Quantum Of Solace

The movie kickstarted with some really cool car chase & crash scenes.

Aston Martin DBS slamming into a wall in one of the scenes

On-set; The 2 Alfa Romeo's used by the bad guys

Aston Martin DBS - England's pride

That's just about it. It was all downhill after barely an hour into the movie.

There were NO latest gadgets that made everybody go "wahhhh"... nor there were the usual geek guy that comes out to show Mr.Bond his new 'handy-tools' whatsoever. Totally NONE!

Ok, maybe i should just give him credit on 'advertising' the not-so-new Sony Ericsson C902 which is already widely available in the market.

Even the prettier Bond girl had just a short take in the film before she was completely 'soaked in oil'.

"Come watch, else I'd shoot u!"

Bond has failed to bond with his audiences in this one.

Go watch it only if u really have nothing to do or else, u'd be better off watching this:

Wednesday, November 5

My New Audiophile Setup

It's the season again where I've got bored of my current car audio setup and sold off the top of the line fabulous sounding & fancy touch screen Clarion headunit, Blaupunkt Velocity Component Speakers, Subwoofer and 2 Amplifiers to get the all new Pioneer Reference Series system.

Gone with the old:

In With The New:

Here it is....*drools..* looks conservative compared to the Clarion but this Pioneer P80RSII packs a whole lot more serious features minus the fancy look.

Packed with stuff like:

Burr-Brown Advance Segment-Type 24-bit D/A Converter

D4Q+ Tuner

Ipod,USB & Bluetooth Ready

3-Way Digital Network, 16-Band L-R Independent EQ, BBE Digital Sound Processing, Bitmetric Equalizer & Auto Time Alignment & EQ

3 Gold-Plated RCA 5v Preouts

Auto Slide Aluminium Face with White OEL Screen

Pairing the P80 which shares the same OP amp with the PRS series of amplifiers, its a perfect match to create pure sound staging.

Delivering 600 watts of Max Power, it has got plenty of juice and CLEAN power to drive the speakers and make every words and notes being heard clearly.

This 4 channel amp is being paired to the front component speakers running on 3-way Active mode.

6.5 inch Component Speakers; This is the the industry’s first basalt fiber made from natural rock interwoven with aramid fiber. Used in the surface layer, this Aramid/Basalt Fiber material is highly rigid and better absorbent, enhancing stability and maintaining integrity throughout a wide temperature range.

An exclusive rear chamber tweeter enclosure that extends mid-range frequency for improved vocal imaging and staging. While the built-in -12dB/Octave HPF and LPF crossover improves the transition from mid to high frequency, for a smoother mid-range to tweeter response. Audiophile-grade capacitors and inductors are used, and all components are encased in a clear acrylic cover for protection.

Finally, the setup wouldnt be complete without the lows.

This amp driving the sub has got 760 watts of MAX power while delivering over 380 watts of RMS power is sure to pack a punch in every bass notes.

The 12" subwoofer. Said to be the benchmark for passive box subs, the WX301 bass reflex sub has a well-tuned bass reflex port to reproduce powerful bass tones.

The Injection Moulded Polypropylene (IMPP™) cone is constructed from a composite blend of interlaced, Aramid fibres, which make it extremely rigid; yet lightweight, for low distortion and powerful bass at high sound pressure levels. It also has an extended, vented pole yoke, delivering a vast improvement in linearity.

Able to take in a max power of 800 watts, it guarantees more than enough kicks and rumbles that's sure to satisfy every discerning listener.


The results:

Powering up the system sees the OEL display coming to life and this system really does delivers as there's vast improvement in the area of staging, linearity and of course the overall sound quality.

Rich, dynamic detail, expansive soundstage and natural sounding smoothness & linearity from every sources are the words I could used to describe the end results.

The Burr-Brown 24 bit DAC sure did it's job well by delivering rich and warm sound from every recording as it reproduces natural linear characteristics for sound as clear as a breath of fresh air.

Having the system to automatically calibrate the Time Alignment & EQ, the results are truly excellent, though I do not agree completely with the Auto EQ, hence disabling it.

Auditioned the setup with a galore of cd's from audiophile recordings to MP3's, and one thing that stands out from this new setup is definitely the clearer and stronger highs delivering frequencies up to the region of 1.25khz to bring every vocal to life. While the lows filled the gap on the lower end, it sounded really great despite being low-passed at 50hz.

Nuances of every notes from guitars, piano's and sweet-sounding vocals are delivered wonderfully with every wisp and breath being transpired with a realism together with great tone and reverb, and I was also impressed at how well the soundscape maintained its posture at higher volumes, never collapsing as the complexity of the track increases.

As with every system, this setup did exhibit some flaws, but they were minor considering its price segment and as for this setup, Pioneer definitely rocked the boat of the higher end audiophile category.

Monday, November 3

H-Factor Nationwide Creative Youth Workshop

Ending the last leg of their nationwide tour here in KL, I've finally managed to get a glimpse of what H-Factor is all about.

Inspiring youths of today to pursue their passion in the entertainment industry, Hannah Tan and her team came together to ignite this creative generation of their dreams in various different fields from acting to hosting to multimedia & even in the field of mentalist.

Had a very interesting Sunday afternoon at the workshop filled with laughter, interesting insights and the not-so-nice side of the entertainment industry.

My bro whom I have not seen for the past 4 weeks or so

Shawn Lee; the truly talented beatbox master!

Funny man Harith & Mix FM DJ - Pietro

Finally, a Q&A pix with witty-bubbly Jamie

Saturday, November 1

My Halloween

It has been a really busy week and before I knew it, its already Halloween!

Well, thought I'd just spend the halloween nite to watch some horror movie with friends:

A typical B-grade movie but nevertheless, very interesting insights on this Thai ritual.
Go watch it!