Monday, November 10

007 - Quantum Of Solace

Watched Mr.Bond in his latest release last week on it's premiere nite.

The shortlived 'Bond' girls in Quantum Of Solace

The movie kickstarted with some really cool car chase & crash scenes.

Aston Martin DBS slamming into a wall in one of the scenes

On-set; The 2 Alfa Romeo's used by the bad guys

Aston Martin DBS - England's pride

That's just about it. It was all downhill after barely an hour into the movie.

There were NO latest gadgets that made everybody go "wahhhh"... nor there were the usual geek guy that comes out to show Mr.Bond his new 'handy-tools' whatsoever. Totally NONE!

Ok, maybe i should just give him credit on 'advertising' the not-so-new Sony Ericsson C902 which is already widely available in the market.

Even the prettier Bond girl had just a short take in the film before she was completely 'soaked in oil'.

"Come watch, else I'd shoot u!"

Bond has failed to bond with his audiences in this one.

Go watch it only if u really have nothing to do or else, u'd be better off watching this:


VON said...

LOL i also waiting to watch this now!!haha

Baldwin said...

Enjoy the movie! =)