Saturday, June 30

KTJ Speech Day

Was invited to the Speech Day (Hari Penyampaian Hadiah) thingy at Kolej Tuanku Jaafar today....
well..if ur goin like...what ??..wat college ar?.. well..a bit of intro..

KTJ a.k.a. Kolej Tuanku Jaafar is one of the country's most prestigious boarding school (where rich kids are sent to for education)..situated beside the country's Top 3 Golf Course..(thats where I work).. in Mantin,Negeri Sembilan. The "kolej" is owned by the royal family of the state and the current principal-Mr.Walter Jones hails from England and so are some staff. Get the picture now?..
Boarding school, mat-salleh HM, prestigious, rich kids, geeky friends..and the whole deal..

Kinda interesting place to be studying coz' there's plenty of geeks..*oops..* ..
i meant gals =p

The road leading to the main entrance

KTJ's Main Office & Academic Halls

Programme details for the day

Honorable guests (Director of British Council, Tunku Naquiyuddin, the Principal) &
Prize Giving Ceremony

There were quite a number of performances by students as well as some not-so-boring speech by the principal, Tunku & Director of British Council,Msia.

Check out highlights of the presentations on video:

Wednesday, June 27

Before STARBUCKS got famous.....

This is what you see in today's modern times:

Starbucks Coffee in various locations around the globe.

Starbucks at Berlin Gate, Germany

Starbucks in France and England
Here's how the logo evolved through the years.....

But what's interesting is that am sure lots of you wouldnt have seen the humble beginning of how Starbucks Coffee actually started.....

Well..Now YOU know!

Remember well that you've seen it FIRST in this blog! ...
K0pi..., any0ne ??

Monday, June 25

Illicit Toothpaste

Spotted this billboard somewhere inside Wangsa Maju... Another way to tell when ur "in" the Malay zone..

How can one actually allow this ad to be up when it cautions the rakyat that other brands of toothpaste could contain "haram" stuff in it..? And expect one would be gullible enough to believe that this Muslim brand could actually do a betta mouth job then the Westerners? (no pun intended) =p

Yet another round of applause for our nation's famous tagline.. Malaysia Boleh !

Thursday, June 21

Brain Gym??

a "brain-gym" for the little ones at this "brothel-like" spot.

by the way, who'd send their kids to this sloppy lil place ....*goshh*.. one might become a retard from all the "workouts" they do there..

Monday, June 18

KL in a day on -YouTube-

A short video around the places of interest in KL...

Thursday, June 14

KL Tour -Part II

As promised, this is part II of my KL City Tour..from the Lake Gardens & National Monument visits earlier on, we move on to KLCC.... (ok-lah..tis one I've visited like a zillion times already...)

This is how Mark conquered the twin towers.. and became a Tarzan in KLCC Park.

Popped by at the Eye On Malaysia for some ferris wheel ride .......(yawwwnnns*)... This thing's gonna be around prolly till end of this year before the mat-salleh's pack it up.. Costs bout RM15 for each pax to go ride in the gondolas which can house 8 people at one go.

What caught my attention was there's this one VIP gondola which is heavily tinted and has DVD player, tv & internet access in it...Heck! who'd wanna watch TV or surf the web when they're supposed to be enjoying the view of KL city! Weird..

Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square) was next on the list...

At the back of me is the Magistrate Court (not sure whether still being used now or not).

Pix is taken on the same ground where our first prime minister declared independence of this country 50 yrs ago...and as u can see our country's flag is , proudly flying high up in the sky majestically......
but lookin bck 2days before we were there, this same field was totally submerged underwater due to heavy evening downpour which lasted for a few hrs. The whole city centre came to a standstill and the underground parking beneath this field was filled wit flood waters all the way up to the roof. Not to mentioned the amount of damaged it did to the cars trapped inside.

"Suckers" were still seen... well....sucking flood waters out fr the underground carpark while we were there.. gosh..wat an ugly sight..

Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge

Went back to KLCC for the Twin Towers Skybridge Tour which is free-of-charge in the evenin after walkin around Central Market for awhile with locals trying to con this gwailo who's wit me and even myself !..
The skybridge of this twin-towers is located on Level 61 of this twin 88 storey mega structure with some watever flexible, rotating shafts and ball-bearing..blablabla for it to sway bout few degrees if there's strong winds. After spending like 10mins up there, we go to Starbucks for some coffee & pastries before joining the crowd in Chinatown (Petaling Street -lah)..

Last Stop: Petaling Street -Chinatown..

"Shue-cheong-kai" as it is popularly a hot-spot for everything FAKE under the sun.. YES! everything's fake here `cept for us ..the shoppers. U can literally find every branded items here in this 2 rows of stalls selling every latest collection from the likes of Gucci, MNG, Versace to Rolex, TAG's to ...everything..u name it..they've got it.

Lotsa bargaining action going on there with those shopkeepers acknowledging Mark as "bra-duhh..., fren....kawan"....Managed to get some souvenirs that he's bringin back home for the people there as well as some other items after some hard bargaining.

Had some supper after all the walkin' around and bargaining till near midnite...

Well...that concludes my KL City Tour for tis time around...
Indeed it was an eye-opener to have been to at least some of the attractions in the city after such a long time... all done in one day..

Wednesday, June 13

KL Tour -Part 1

Tis' is gonna be interesting as I've finally set foot into tourist spots in KL which I've never been to before despite hangin' out in KL rather often...

First destination: Istana Negara a.k.a the National Palace

No...the guards are not doin some acrobatic acts with their horses...but its the changing of guards on duty at the palace gates. The "gwailo" u see is Mark.

2nd Stop: Taman Tasik Perdana -the Lake Gardens
As u can's a pix that shows malaysian workers at work.. 3 fella's trying to put up a weird "fan-like" structure at the park. Centre guy tryin to put that fan thing in place, another just stood there and point and the guy on the right casually rest his hands on the cement block. Less than 20minutes later, the whole fan thingy was found landed on its side lying on the grass with all the "productive" workers nowhere to be found...
Now thats "malaysian productivity" at its best! Malaysia Boleh! bck to the main thing...visit to the Tugu Negara a.k.a National Monument..
The guy in white is Kok Hon-another fellow blogger.

(L-R pix) Some erected structure thats dedicated to the "glorious dead"... Wats so glorious bout that?; Then there's our national flower -the hibiscus (bunga raya) just in case they no longer teach it in school nowadays...and finally..
the monument thats dedicated to the great warriors of our land that fought for the independence 50yrs ago.

Weird plants found at the park.. (L-R pix) ..some monster-like trees that looks like its gonna grab visitors wit its roots; dunno wat species of flowers are those..think i saw it in one of the Harry-potter sequels..; and "spidermark" ..tis guy climbs anywhere..
Will stop here awhile... part II of KL Tour comin up soon..

Japanese Balls anyone???

Fancy some "delicious Japanese balls" for a snack ?
Its' smooth, creamy & comes in unique taste.... hehe*...

Was a tourist in KL for a day yesterday bringin' "ah mark" around...
More updates comin' up... help yourself with the errmm...Japanese balls...

Thursday, June 7

Mark Johnston @ TOW

From Pine River, Manitoba -Canada ..comes Ps. Mark annointed man of God & pianist to Malaysia for the first time.

From the day he touched down (22May), he's been goin' around to churches in a few states around the peninsular before returning home to Pine River which according to him, has only a population of 85 people!! *hmmm..the size of JCG in the whole town?.. Anyway...

He was at TOW last weekend for ALL of the weekend services and also for this week's youth camp in one of the malaysian cave.. (well..not totally IN the cave, but..somewhere there-lah..)

Here's an interesting fact..

It has been rumoured that he is to be the "prince charming" for our youth director..but..hmm.. looks like "tak jadi" after all coz he doesnt like sushi !!... hehehe..

Despite this, "ah mark", as i fondly refers him, is a humorous, down-to-earth and easy going guy...Enjoys & understands just about every bit of those crappy Malaysian jokes ...and on top of that he even throws in his "stuff" (crappy jokes) to us and we all enjoyed a good laugh!

Well...he's still gonna go around a few more churches before comin bck to Sban where we would take him for some sight-seeing around KL..and watever idea that comes along then.... (a day off fr work and be a tourguide...-more pix fr the outing then) hehe..

For my blog readers', here's a live recording of the song he presented on Sunday...Enjoy..
(pls be patient as it loads..)

Tuesday, June 5

Planet Shakers Latest

Planet Shakers Latest Live Recorded Album - Saviour Of The World

Launched just last weekend in their home church down-under...

Thanks Jayboy for interrupting my lazy sunday nap with ur phone call.. and gettin the cd for me.

Hope the pigeons that u hire to send my cd here are dependable though... =p

Shrek 3

So it was "not-so-blue-monday" kinda monday last nite.. coz went to the movies wit Timber & his gf.

Well..the "green ogre" ('ohh-grrr') is back with the final sequel of my fav. CGI film of all time.. Shrek 3 ..

Totally awesome for a finale.. A must watch for all u Shrek fans out there..

oh yeah..and not forgettin' Mc D staff are currently wearing "shrek's ears" .. Go check em' out.

Monday, June 4

Aloha to Blogspot

*Blog check 1,2,3..* ....tis' my all new blog space..or watever u call this space..

Goodbye to my ol' faithful Friendster blog in which all previous postings will still remain and say hi to BLOGSPOT.. =)

Future updates will all be posted here.. stay tuned ..