Wednesday, June 13

KL Tour -Part 1

Tis' is gonna be interesting as I've finally set foot into tourist spots in KL which I've never been to before despite hangin' out in KL rather often...

First destination: Istana Negara a.k.a the National Palace

No...the guards are not doin some acrobatic acts with their horses...but its the changing of guards on duty at the palace gates. The "gwailo" u see is Mark.

2nd Stop: Taman Tasik Perdana -the Lake Gardens
As u can's a pix that shows malaysian workers at work.. 3 fella's trying to put up a weird "fan-like" structure at the park. Centre guy tryin to put that fan thing in place, another just stood there and point and the guy on the right casually rest his hands on the cement block. Less than 20minutes later, the whole fan thingy was found landed on its side lying on the grass with all the "productive" workers nowhere to be found...
Now thats "malaysian productivity" at its best! Malaysia Boleh! bck to the main thing...visit to the Tugu Negara a.k.a National Monument..
The guy in white is Kok Hon-another fellow blogger.

(L-R pix) Some erected structure thats dedicated to the "glorious dead"... Wats so glorious bout that?; Then there's our national flower -the hibiscus (bunga raya) just in case they no longer teach it in school nowadays...and finally..
the monument thats dedicated to the great warriors of our land that fought for the independence 50yrs ago.

Weird plants found at the park.. (L-R pix) ..some monster-like trees that looks like its gonna grab visitors wit its roots; dunno wat species of flowers are those..think i saw it in one of the Harry-potter sequels..; and "spidermark" ..tis guy climbs anywhere..
Will stop here awhile... part II of KL Tour comin up soon..

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