Saturday, September 29

Proton's Community Message

Here's something lame that u'd find informative.

Remember to buckle up!

Thursday, September 27

Mid-Autumn Festival in Seremban

With the end of the 8th month,15th day; mid-autumn (mooncake) festival 2 days ago, here's some pix of the celebration that took place in a little corner in town called "singapore street".

Crossing the street to where the buzz is...

Throngs of people came from all over town and the outskirts

Looked like some revival service goin on eh?

The multi-cultural performance

Am still wondering why are they performing a multi-cultural dance on a mid-autumn festival... and of course, to complete the whole event, there's some lucky draw and guess what the prizes are?... Mooncakes! Lots and lots of mooncakes..can eat till next mid-autumn!

A huge tower all lighted up -Lantern style

Various creatively crafted lanterns on display

A chinese "Nemo"

Golden Chinese cocks (no pun intended)

And finally...the award for Poser Of The Night goes to.......


Mr. Dragon

Now who says that dragons are mean creatures?

Just call 1-800-Adopt-a-dragon to bring one home.

Thursday, September 20

Nite out in Genting

My buddy came up with this sudden crazy idea of goin to Genting for a few hours just to hang out and snap some pix on a random wednesday nite...

So we went after work, taking a leisure drive up the hills and of course, the "occasional" stunts around the bends just for some fun with the cool breezy winds blowing in our faces welcoming us to a rather quiet, cold & clear nite at the hilltop.

Some random pix:

Click on any of the pix above to view a slideshow of some shots of Genting at nite.

*all pix are taken using Olympus c4000 Z Digicam*

Wednesday, September 19

Mooncake Festival

Mooncake festival is just slightly less than a week away... and I'm treating YOU..all my fellow readers some mooncakes. (on YouTube video that is..)

So, sit back and enjoy the video of how the mooncakes are professionally prepared..and some history of this unique festival below.

Am sure most of u guys didnt know this but, here it goes...

More than six types of mooncakes are made for the festival which falls in the middle of the eighth lunar calendar month. This is when the Chinese moon is fullest and largest. The mooncakes can be sweet or salty - an oil and molasses-sweetened pastry filled with duck egg yolks (symbolising the full summer moon), red bean, lotus seed paste or a plain molasses and flour filling for children. Each different type is set in a patterned mould before baking.

Legend has it (*yawwwnnns*) .. that in the time of the Yuan dynasty in China, an underground group led by Zhu Yuan Zang was determined to rid the country of Mongolian dominance. The moon cake was created to carry a secret message. (tht time no sms-ma..) When the cake was opened and the message read, an uprising was unleashed which successfully routed the Mongolians. It happened at the time of the autumn moon... so that is why moon cakes are eaten at that time even to this day.

Monday, September 17

CCC Conference...

Attended this 1 day "crash-course" music conference by the team from Christian City Church,Oxford Falls, Sydney.

Kinda interesting to be given tips and "know-how's' for the creative team of today's contemporary church and the importance of being able to "engage" into the culture of today through the creative medium of the church.

In the music workshop sessions, Joshua Bedoukian, the renowned drummer from CCC shared some tips alongside his indonesian sidekick bassist -Bonar Abraham.

L-R: Me, Joshua Bedoukian, Kev, Bonar Abraham & Leo

TOW-ians gather for a pix just before the concert

Some pix from the concert:

The opening act dance team

CCC Worship Team

The keyz "guru" -Principal of the School Of Creative Arts of CCC -Jeff Crabtree

Here's a short video clip of the concert: (blues keyz solo by Jeff Crabtree)..

Friday, September 14

UFO...Believe it or not ?

UFO's sighted in Haiti...

Hmmm..could be some remote controlled gizmo's...what do u think?

Thursday, September 13

Amazing Hand Shadows by Raymond Crowe

Raymond Crowe's Performance:

This Aussie has performed in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas and NBC's "World's Greatest Magic"
...more info at

Two thumbs up!

Tuesday, September 11

Worst Audition so far...

I sat through nearly 60mins of torturous audition listening to some band played some total rubbish earlier this evening.

It all started when I'm supposed to go "audition" this band for them to play for an event at my Club. I didnt thought it was all bad but after introducing myself and soon after, I've got that typical "band-mates" look staring at me wearing their yuppy tee's and sloppy jeans as though i know nothing bout music. (just coz I'm in my office attire)..The lead vox who doubles up as a guitarist even introduced himself to me with full of pride that he plays music for a living when I overheard the drummer said somethin like "he works as an office-boy -lah"..

After waitin for bout 20mins for some really loud, out-of-tune, out-of sync and messy "sound-check", I've finally decided to poke at the lead vocalist cum LEAD guitarist huge ego (caps -coz he's annoyingly LOUD) by asking him..."was that just a sound-check or the real thing?".. being a musician, one should know tht the quality of the band is at stake when you're being asked a question like that..and so ..another good 20mins passed ...still some weird, loud and poorly arranged tune came blasting out of the "fake" branded amps and watever fake and cheap gizmo's in that small little cubicle. Mind u, its really small...

It was really annoying having to put through all this "practice session" of theirs, when all I wanna check out is whether they meet the requirements of performing for some dinner. and mind.u ..its a dinner with VIP's. They pulak sibuk whipping out annoying guitar leads and super long musical interludes..with clashing cymbals and really over-the-top bass lines..Everyone's just doin their own thing without bothering bout complimenting each other playing in a music arrangement.

To top it all up...the guitarist can still tell me with full of ego and pride that I can check out their band website, (as if I was interested) their whole load of band members, their poorly written tunes and all that..when ALL I ASKED was just " have you got any more suitable songs for a dinner setting" ?..

Enough was enough.., gave them another 5mins to finish off their so-called rock tunes before I left the place and felt so thankful for really talented, skillful and humble christian musicians who definitely knows more bout playing in a band than this group I met.


Thursday, September 6

A lil somethin' from EMERGE KL 2007

update: EMERGE 2008 is here! Surf over to for info.

EMERGE 2007 was awesome! To those who missed it...well..too bad..
To those who just prefer to condemn and mock at the way CHC does their stuff..too bad as well... YOU're just a SORE LOSER!

Say all you want, and be critical over all the details but they're doing well in bringing in the harvest as well as delivering messages that would empower this generation to make an impact in the society and take on the world.

Another thing is, u just can't deny that god's presence was there and so was the annointing.

Enjoy tis lil' somethin taken during EMERGE KL.

Worship Conference by CCC,Oxford Falls, Sydney

Calling all Worship Directors & Pastors, Worship Leaders, Songwriters, Vocalist, Musicians and those in the production & performance of the church.

Here's one great conference that you should not miss.

Fuel 2007 will be held from 14-16 Sept at
Kajang Assembly.

The good people at Kajang Assembly has flew in the team from Christian City Church, Oxford Falls Sydney to come over for a day workshop followed by a concert at nite at Dewan Wawasan, PGRM Cheras. Totally skillful bunch of talented and annointed musicians.
Click on the pix above for more info bout tis event.