Monday, September 17

CCC Conference...

Attended this 1 day "crash-course" music conference by the team from Christian City Church,Oxford Falls, Sydney.

Kinda interesting to be given tips and "know-how's' for the creative team of today's contemporary church and the importance of being able to "engage" into the culture of today through the creative medium of the church.

In the music workshop sessions, Joshua Bedoukian, the renowned drummer from CCC shared some tips alongside his indonesian sidekick bassist -Bonar Abraham.

L-R: Me, Joshua Bedoukian, Kev, Bonar Abraham & Leo

TOW-ians gather for a pix just before the concert

Some pix from the concert:

The opening act dance team

CCC Worship Team

The keyz "guru" -Principal of the School Of Creative Arts of CCC -Jeff Crabtree

Here's a short video clip of the concert: (blues keyz solo by Jeff Crabtree)..

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Leona said...

cool, nice vid you put together. :)