Tuesday, December 30

Christmas in Tawau

Arriving in Tawau on Christmas eve......

Took the earliest AirAsia flight from LCCT that when we touched down in Tawau Airport, it's barely 10 a.m.

The ride to town is about 35km from where this airport is located.

The local daily over in East Malaysia - The Borneo Post

At the seaside of Celebes Sea where the sea produce are aplenty!

At a corner in town....

Here's a DIGI billboard u wont see in our side of M'sia.... the yellow guy camwhoring at Mount Kinabalu!

Jesus is Lord above ALL...even where pubs are located.

Here I am at Tawau Port; it's bustling with activities, both legal and illegal as one could just hop onto a speedboat and u'll be in Indonesia in less than 20 mins.

Known to be the 3rd largest state in Sabah, Tawau is a transit point to all neighbouring islands such as Sebatik, Nunukan, Tarakan, Jolo and Semporna.

One can easily get to Mataking, Sipadan and Mabul Islands just by taking a drive to Semporna from this town and hopping onto the speed boats there.

Besides that, Tawau is also known for its fresh and cheap seafood!

Joshua took us to check out the Tawau Fish Market later in the day.

Hammer head sharks!

Nothing but fish...and more fish... there's of course prawns and other catches and all of them are what i would describe as "super-size" for they're all huge in sizes.

At Tawau Yacht Club for a drink with Joshua; a relaxing place to read a book facing the sea

The hot afternoon sun


Then comes Christmas Day, where we attended St.Patrick's Anglican Church.

House Of Prayer Main Sanctuary

It's a very vibrant church filled with talented and creative young people. Had an awesome time singing Christmas carols with my first time in an Anglican Church that speaks Hakka!

This also happens to be the home church of my beloved pastor - Rev.Kevin Loo of City Harvest KL.

Met up with Melissa and her family which is also from this church during the gift exchange session.

The thing about being in the East is that the morning starts somehow 'earlier'...and I mean bright skies at 6 A.M kinda early! Check out this picture which was taken at just 6:30 in the evening where we would still be usually in the office or stuck in some jam somewhere in town, the nice people in this town are already half way through dinner at this time.

6:30 p.m in Tawau

Joshua and his very hospitable family invited us over for dinner ...and check out the size of the Prawns!

After a really full meal, we still went out for supper where Joshua insisted that we try out something we West Malaysians only savour once a year.

Yee Sang; purely fish and is served all year round.

The rest of the days were spent going around trying out other famous eateries in town.

@ Alladin; a shop famous for its Laksa Mee

Finally found a place to get online to feed my Facebook addiction.

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

A warm Christmas wish to all my readers.

Here's wishing everyone all the love, peace & joy in the world.

Am currently away in Sabah for the holidays!

Till then...more updates when am back =)

Happy Holidays people!

Monday, December 22

Nicol the Toy Poodle

Introducing Nicol; the cutest toy poodle that I met over the weekend.

Known to be one of the most intelligent breed of dogs, I find Nicol is generally eager to please with her adorable poodle looks and round black shiny eyes.

YES! it's a REAL poodle.... NOT a soft toy, tissue box, floor rug or one of those sofa pillows.

Looking all fragile in it's size and being camera shy, she gets agitated everytime she hears the shutter clicks.

Clad with a wooly single layer coat of dense curly fur, Nicol's hyper when played with but affectionate when being attended to tenderly.

Don't u wish u had one of these toy poodles at home?

Around KLCC with Sony Alpha 350

It was a shutter frenzy weekend with the Sony Alpha-350 DSLR cam.

Jason & I headed over to KLCC to capture some evening & night shots plus do a bit of shopping.

Here's the really tall Christmas tree at the Concourse area:

and the pretty looking 'presents' hanging in mid-air

Mr. & Ms. Santa

Then we headed out to the park which welcomed us with a whole load of other camwhorers like us whipping out anything from phone camera's to PDA camera's.

the nerdy couple

a reflection of the Twin Towers in the water

Waited till night for this:

KL Tower (Left) & half of the Petronas Twin Towers

Pretty huh?

More pix taken wit the dSLR comin' up soon.....

Saturday, December 13

His Story - Agape's Christmas Musical

It's the time of the year again where the members' of Agape Gospel Assembly, Seremban comes out full force to put together 3 nites of Christmas Musical.

What more better way to kick off the musical with what I would call, ' the Agape signature choir'. Talented & equipped with powerful vocals, I totally enjoyed myself as I was seated in the best seat of the auditorium.

The great team of choir, dancers and the cute-little angelic group of kids

Joseph & Mary being acted out brilliantly by Derek & Larissa

Here's a scene showing Jesus working his miracle on the blind kid which has now regained his sight.

the "coolest-singing Satan"

The team that made this musical happen

After the musical, guests were treated to some refreshment at the cafe area.

Some pix with the stars of the nite:

Larissa & Lynne

the HOTTEST act of the nite; Aaron playing the satan .....that could sing!

Met up with quite a bit of friends' here at the event and am proud to say that all those involved have done a great job in putting together this musical!

Jen & I

Do check out this musical happening again tonight and tomorrow (13 & 14 Dec) at Agape, Seremban.

Saturday, December 6

Global Brand Forum Malaysia Conference

Held at the Palace of the Golden Horses, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with the world's most influential brand gurus and practitioners who have created and advised the world's most powerful brands.

Featuring global powerhouses like:

STEWART BUTTERFIELD; Founder of Flickr.com

MARTIN LINDSTROM; Youth Marketing Futurist

IVANKA TRUMP; Vice President ,Trump Organization [which sadly came in the form of a 3-d hologram image]

JOANNE OOI; Creative Director of Shanghai Tang

JIM STENGEL; Former Global Marketing Chief Officer , Procter & Gamble; President & CEO of the Jim Stengel Company

OLIVER STONE; Legendary Hollywood Director ['stoning' away on being an anti-brand]. Read up reviews on The Star Online here.

RIZ KHAN; Moderator for the Global Brand Forum 2007-2008

Costing over RM 4,800 per person for this conference, the impact and inspiration gathered from this conference has a value FAR more than the price of the conference itself!

Alvin Lai - One of my business associates and Marketing Strategist in the education sector

Here we are attending the forum on Strategies On Building SME Brands

Conference mates; Team from H-Factor: Hannah Tan, Sebastian, Myself & Alvin

Martin Lindstrom - Youth Marketing Futurist / Neuro-Marketing. Totally blown away by his buy:ology stuff.

Datuk K - probably the luckiest guy around as he's the hubby of our local pop-icon Siti Nurhaliza

This forum is definitely an eye-opener to me on how much impact BRANDING is to every individual and various industries today and not merely blindly advertising.