Monday, December 22

Nicol the Toy Poodle

Introducing Nicol; the cutest toy poodle that I met over the weekend.

Known to be one of the most intelligent breed of dogs, I find Nicol is generally eager to please with her adorable poodle looks and round black shiny eyes.

YES! it's a REAL poodle.... NOT a soft toy, tissue box, floor rug or one of those sofa pillows.

Looking all fragile in it's size and being camera shy, she gets agitated everytime she hears the shutter clicks.

Clad with a wooly single layer coat of dense curly fur, Nicol's hyper when played with but affectionate when being attended to tenderly.

Don't u wish u had one of these toy poodles at home?


Pearlzie Tanzie said...

awww.. thats soooo cuteeeeeee..
I wanna steal it!!

AdaLia cmx said...

yiiiiii...... TT

Melody On said...

i wan.. ^^

i am for who i am said...

by time grooming think twice lah