Saturday, June 27

Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits in 15 minutes

As the world mourns for the loss of the greatest pop icon of all times and reminisce on how the songs of Michael Jackson has impacted their lives, here's 15 minutes of his greatest hits for your listening pleasure.

Tuesday, June 23

Fete de la Musique 2009

The annual French Music Festival is back. *ooh-la-la*

Tony & his most treasured - MusicMan

Got invited by Tony Leo to play for his band.....

Hands on the Triton Extreme

Singing 2 songs from Tony's own composition and 2 cover tunes, there were also other great bands playing that nite like An Honest Mistake [], Army Of Three and Bus Company []

We were like the only band there which were not doing any metal or screamo stuff.

That's Tony's hair in this dim ambience.

Do check out Tony's creative works at []

Saturday, June 20

My session with Juwita Suwito

The latest club in town.........










It's 'An Evening With Juwita Suwito'

Juwita and band taking on the stage at Tabernacle Of Worship, Seremban.

Yups, that's me on the keyz sessioning for Juwita. It was such great experience to be playing for a recording artiste as I get to 'up' my standard of playing compared to the usual sessions.

To those who do not already know, this was the church where I first started playing the keyboards from which I then got to know many other talented musicians along the way, from playing in the Youth Alive Malaysia and Youth Alive Negeri Sembilan (YAN9) band.

It felt really good to be able to come home and bless this church through this fund raising event though I'm currently attending City Harvest KL []

Anyway, we did 2 sets of songs, from Juwita's album and also some covers. The crowd sounded really amazing when they sang along to the tune of Teresa Teng's -'moon represents my heart'

Classical maestro - Jeremy Yeo did some really cool stuff on the Clavi together with his tenor. At some moments, it sounded as though he had like 2 pair of hands playing at the same time (or maybe even his toes)... *lol..

Our very own pop-star from Seremban, Wan Chean [] came to support us as well!
"Great band", says hamsom Wan Chean. xD

Juwita wannabe ..... *lol

The Team
L-R: Me(Keyz), Hiroaki(Bass), Juwita, Wagner(Drums), Andrew & Tony (Guitars)

Do check out some video snippets of the concert:

Wednesday, June 17

Juwita Suwito LIVE in Seremban

Juwita's rockin' it LIVE with her band in my homeland!

In a bid to raise funds for their new building project, Tabernacle Of Worship organized this one night only concert featuring

Juwita Suwito [] and her band.

Arguably one of Malaysia's favorite pop singer and being Winner of Best Local English Album at the prestigious AIM (Malaysian Music Industry) Awards and Nominated for Best Female Vocal Performance, Juwita was also the vocal coach of reality TV series - Malaysian Idol, One In A Million, Mentor and LG MyStarz.

Come spend an evening being serenaded by her amazing vocals and build God's house at the same time!

PS: It's my debut performance playing the synthesizer for Juwita. *wink*

Thursday, June 11

MagicGlare Detailing - Update 2

To all my fellow detailing readers who has been curious on whether the range of MagicGlare products lived up to it's hype, check out the pix below of the paintwork after 14 months from the initial application.

Tougher than conventional polish & wax, the GLARE products used contains Glassplexin that gives protection against UV Rays and would not breakdown under the harsh conditions of our local climate.

Still has that mirror-finish gloss just as it is from my first experience at MagicGlare
last year.

Read ALL about it <here> and an update of it in January this year <here>

Monday, June 8

Wan Chean LIVE in Genting

Astro Star Quest Winner 2008 - Wan Chean staged her first performance at the Arena Of Stars, Genting yesterday.

Being her longtime buddy, she treated us to some exclusive VIP passes for her Touch Of Love concert.

Initially we were told that it was just a mini-concert, but little did we know it's actually a full-scale one held in the Arena Of Stars which drew quite a huge crowd.

Wan Chean

Singing mostly cover songs from today's hottest artiste, she also sang a greatest hits medley by ABBA, did some dance routines, and even played the keyboard. Simply amazing!

There were also several other acts that shared the stage with her in the 3 hour concert which IMO is a *big yawn* ....except for this emerging artiste which looks something like the young Alanis Morisette.

After the concert, while the organizers are giving a short profile intro of Wan Chean, the fans had already lined-up from the stage ALL THE WAY BACK to the top of the arena just to get Wan Chean's autograph.

Mind you, this is the Arena Of Stars and it's a long walk all the way up.

Meanwhile, we lingered at the concert venue for some pix session before heading up to Resorts Hotel for a treat by Eric, the Events n Promotion Exec of Resorts World.

Leo & Eric

Next up, we went to meet the performers at an after-party venue in a secrethideoutfarfarawayfromfans to chat and take some photo's

Ms.Zhang from Kuching who was based in Beijing & Taiwan for her music career before returning home to seek new opportunities.

Here's Miss Handsome - Wan Chean

A group pix with all of us

Lotsa goofy moments during our pix session, which among some is when some dude came from outta nowhere and wanted to do like a formal 'interview' session with Wan Chean.

Thursday, June 4

An Honest Mistake @ UrbanAttic

It's the grand finale for the Acoustic Showdown at UrbanAttic last nite and we stormed the place in support of Darren for his solo performance and of course, 'An Honest Mistake' for the Group category.

An Honest Mistake

Friends that came to support

Mr.Euveng a.k.a EVo dot com

Jazz & Ginger


Suprised to meet Gerald; our long time rocker-friend since the early days of Youth Alive Msia

EVo; the photography guru who got us all covered. Appreciate all the 'tasty-looking' pix dude!

The whole place was packed as talented solo performers & bands were doing a great job entertaining the crowd while trying to rake in the votes.

The crowd waiting impatiently for the results to be annouced after the performance of the 4 bands.

After all the votes are in......

...the winner of the RM 1500 grand prize goes to...






An Honest Mistake

The band members on an all-time high upon hearing that they've won the competition!

The Band Mascot - Mr.Green Dino also made it's first time appearance last nite.

Check out the vid if u've missed last nite's showdown :

Baldwin@Blogspot is 2 yrs old!

June 4th, 2009 marks the 2nd year since I've started blogging on blogspot.

I've also recently changed the header from 'After The Silence bla..bla..bla' to 'The Music Of Life'...Right Here'

A BIG thank you goes out to all my readers & pleasant stalkers who checks in on this blog every so often. Truly appreciate your viewership, comments and links throughout =)

Tuesday, June 2

The Wedding Banquet

The month of May was filled with weddings, even up to the very last day.

This time it's Kok Hon's turn as he brings the bride home

Kok Hon & Boon Ping ~ such a lovely-bubbly couple

~ Wedding wishes ~

At the table - Addy, Me, Rachel & Jon

Met up with lotsa church mates during the dinner and here's especially one 'prominent' big brother of TOW - unker Caldwin Tai

Having emigrated to kiwi land with his warm family, unker Caldwin looks like he's rejuvenated from his few months stay in Auckland and just got back from NZ to run some errands and attend the wedding.

Kok Hon also invited unker John Loo & band to come jazz things up during the dinner.

Meng, John, Kok Hon, Boon Ping, Victor, Sherley, Me & Jonathan

Did Wonderful Tonight with the band before calling it a day.

Time for me to go look for a bride now... *laughs*