Monday, June 8

Wan Chean LIVE in Genting

Astro Star Quest Winner 2008 - Wan Chean staged her first performance at the Arena Of Stars, Genting yesterday.

Being her longtime buddy, she treated us to some exclusive VIP passes for her Touch Of Love concert.

Initially we were told that it was just a mini-concert, but little did we know it's actually a full-scale one held in the Arena Of Stars which drew quite a huge crowd.

Wan Chean

Singing mostly cover songs from today's hottest artiste, she also sang a greatest hits medley by ABBA, did some dance routines, and even played the keyboard. Simply amazing!

There were also several other acts that shared the stage with her in the 3 hour concert which IMO is a *big yawn* ....except for this emerging artiste which looks something like the young Alanis Morisette.

After the concert, while the organizers are giving a short profile intro of Wan Chean, the fans had already lined-up from the stage ALL THE WAY BACK to the top of the arena just to get Wan Chean's autograph.

Mind you, this is the Arena Of Stars and it's a long walk all the way up.

Meanwhile, we lingered at the concert venue for some pix session before heading up to Resorts Hotel for a treat by Eric, the Events n Promotion Exec of Resorts World.

Leo & Eric

Next up, we went to meet the performers at an after-party venue in a secrethideoutfarfarawayfromfans to chat and take some photo's

Ms.Zhang from Kuching who was based in Beijing & Taiwan for her music career before returning home to seek new opportunities.

Here's Miss Handsome - Wan Chean

A group pix with all of us

Lotsa goofy moments during our pix session, which among some is when some dude came from outta nowhere and wanted to do like a formal 'interview' session with Wan Chean.


Leonard said...

Eric is the Exec of Events n Promotions not PR.

and are u sure Ms. Zhang is her surname. I dont think so u knw ...

btw..all acts are sucks equally except Wan Chean. Even the sessionist sucks big time. HAHAHAHAHA

AlexisChean颜莞倩 said...

hahaha!! tat dude...reli makes me head 3 lines... ==|||
yala...her surname is in mandarin speaking la...hehe
same like xiao mei..hoho