Thursday, June 11

MagicGlare Detailing - Update 2

To all my fellow detailing readers who has been curious on whether the range of MagicGlare products lived up to it's hype, check out the pix below of the paintwork after 14 months from the initial application.

Tougher than conventional polish & wax, the GLARE products used contains Glassplexin that gives protection against UV Rays and would not breakdown under the harsh conditions of our local climate.

Still has that mirror-finish gloss just as it is from my first experience at MagicGlare
last year.

Read ALL about it <here> and an update of it in January this year <here>


Leonard said...


SO Kilat for what orh ?
Mirror meh ?
But good also lah..if ure late to work.. your car can be a good Mirror on wheels.

Or perhaps can also be a mirror for any narcissist motorist stoppin at the traffic lights.


EVo said...

*Reads hard* ok this doesn't sound like a sponsored post lol.

Thanks for sharing bro! magicglare eh u say? =)

Mustaffa aziz said...

MagicGlare available in KL or Shah Alam? If not, how do I get to the Seremban 2 shop? Thanks.