Tuesday, January 20

MagicGlare Detailing - Updated

Here's an update of the detailing job done on my car.

It has been nine months since I sent my ride to MagicGlare for their 'works'

Read about my First Experience at MagicGlare (April, 2008)

After a minor 'bump' on my car, which was a 4 car pile-up, I've brought it in again for touch-up's over the weekend.

And here's the outcome:

Deep & glossy paint surface

Hood looking all shiny...... Airbrush? NO!

Check out the mirror-like surface

Neither wax, silicone, resin, polymers, acrylic, nor Teflon were treated on the paint but an active ingredient in the formulation called Glassplexin which allows GLARE to bond to automobile paint and transforms it into a 50/50 glass/paint composition capable of filtering over 98% of the Sun's UVA/UVB rays.

Deep, glossy and intense wet-look surface thanks to the Glassplexin ingredient found in the GLARE range of products.

Yeah..thats me being vain..can't help but to snap a pix of my reflection on such glossy-brilliant finish!


koh said...

i think you can save the money for mirror already!

just walk to your car & do hair styling at any angle you want!

Anonymous said...

You should go back to Magic Glare and test the gloss level to see if it still maintain at the 93.5 level.

Just curious to know.