Thursday, June 4

An Honest Mistake @ UrbanAttic

It's the grand finale for the Acoustic Showdown at UrbanAttic last nite and we stormed the place in support of Darren for his solo performance and of course, 'An Honest Mistake' for the Group category.

An Honest Mistake

Friends that came to support

Mr.Euveng a.k.a EVo dot com

Jazz & Ginger


Suprised to meet Gerald; our long time rocker-friend since the early days of Youth Alive Msia

EVo; the photography guru who got us all covered. Appreciate all the 'tasty-looking' pix dude!

The whole place was packed as talented solo performers & bands were doing a great job entertaining the crowd while trying to rake in the votes.

The crowd waiting impatiently for the results to be annouced after the performance of the 4 bands.

After all the votes are in......

...the winner of the RM 1500 grand prize goes to...






An Honest Mistake

The band members on an all-time high upon hearing that they've won the competition!

The Band Mascot - Mr.Green Dino also made it's first time appearance last nite.

Check out the vid if u've missed last nite's showdown :

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