Monday, December 22

Around KLCC with Sony Alpha 350

It was a shutter frenzy weekend with the Sony Alpha-350 DSLR cam.

Jason & I headed over to KLCC to capture some evening & night shots plus do a bit of shopping.

Here's the really tall Christmas tree at the Concourse area:

and the pretty looking 'presents' hanging in mid-air

Mr. & Ms. Santa

Then we headed out to the park which welcomed us with a whole load of other camwhorers like us whipping out anything from phone camera's to PDA camera's.

the nerdy couple

a reflection of the Twin Towers in the water

Waited till night for this:

KL Tower (Left) & half of the Petronas Twin Towers

Pretty huh?

More pix taken wit the dSLR comin' up soon.....

1 comment:

Jayboy said...

I think I have tempted the crap out of you with the cam! Forget the X1!! Get the Alpha 350! hahahaha! *evil*